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How And Why Do Roofers Install Insulation Around Air Ducts?

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The right attic and roof insulation is a key factor for good home energy efficiency. An expert roof installation contractor knows that proper attic insulation protects shingles from the inside and also helps manage the temperature in your house.

Roofers recommended insulating any air ducts that pass through your [...]

An Up-Close Look At Roofing Maintenance!

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Roofing maintenance is just like any other kind of maintenance; if you ignore it long enough, problems will eventually arise. Keeping your roof in great shape means yearly upkeep, which includes routine inspections by a qualified roofing contractor. Fortunately, caring for your structure is not really all that [...]

Are Recycled Rubber Roofs A New Concept?

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As the world has become more focused on environmental safety and energy efficiency, roofing technology has expanded and improved in many ways. One such expansion is the development of recycled rubber materials. Recycled rubber roofs may be a newer idea to a number of people; however, some [...]

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