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Difference Between Standing Seam and Screw Down Metal Roofs!

When a roof company installs your metal roof, they usually have a few choices when it comes to how they fasten down the material. There are many different reasons why making a choice between the two is important. According to roof services, it is a decision that involves aesthetics, economics, maintenance, [...]

Looking At Flat Commercial Roof Membrane Choices!

Commercial roofs that are often flat unfortunately do not last forever. You might find this especially true if you’ve bought a building that’s somewhat aged and has a roof currently installed. The roofs on these commercial buildings often haven’t been inspected or maintained for a long time, which leaves you [...]

Why You Need Proper Roof Ventilation All Year Long!

People don’t often think about ventilation when they think about their roofs and attics. When people do think about roof maintenance, they think about calling local roof services to come and make an inspection to be sure everything is in working order. What most people fail to realize is that [...]

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