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Roof Company in College Station Texas

One of the most important factors in a correct roof installation is getting enough ventilation to the roof. By using a ventilation system including soffit vents, a roof company will make sure your attic is properly vented to promote home climate efficiency and reduce the possibility that you [...]

Should you Repair or Replace your Roof?

The average lifespan of a quality roof is about thirty years. This is only an approximate figure given that some factors may contribute to earlier or later replacement. Eventually, though, any roof will require or need repair or replacement.

Roof replacement is not a cheap affair though and many [...]

Preventing Roof Damage

There are many factors that may damage the roof and these factors depend on the type of roofing you have on your home. If you want to maintain and lengthen the life span of your roof, you need to know the reason behind these damages.

Lack of Proper Maintenance. [...]

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