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Roofers Talk About 3 Lesser Known Types of Roofs!

When the time comes to replace your roof, most roofers offer a large choice of common installations.

Yet if you want something less common, there are some unique structures that can be a great option, especially when looking for something environmentally friendly.

Before you decide there is no choice other [...]

Spring – The Best Time For Roof Maintenance!

As spring season enters and winter finally passes, it’s important to start looking at your home to see if there are any repairs or improvements that you can do.

This is especially important for your roof, since spring brings with it the heat of the sun as well as rain [...]

That Tree By Your Roof – Is It Dangerously Unstable?

Trees make your property look beautiful; however, they can also be a serious threat to your roof if they’re not carefully managed or worse yet, become unstable.

Fallen tree limbs and even whole trees falling are a common reason why some homeowners end up needing a roof replacement.

What should [...]

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