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Expert Advice About Attic Insulation and Roofs!

Insulation is the main protectant under your roof that helps maintain a comfortable temperature in your house year-round.

When properly applied, it can make the difference between having a reasonable energy bill and shingle longevity or facing exorbitant energy bills and potentially damaging your roofing installation.

As simple as applying [...]

Top Ways To Find Roofing Leaks!

So you’ve got a leaky roof that needs roofing repair, now what?

Naturally, you’ll need to arrange for a roofer to come out and take care of those repairs; however, what should you do in the meantime?

One helpful thing you can do while waiting is try to locate the [...]

What To Do If You Have A Storm-Damaged Roof!

Storm season is nearly year-round in Texas and if you own a home, you surely know that it means you might need roof repairs resulting from storm damage until the season passes.

Between now and winter, you’ll need to keep a close eye on your roof and call a roofer if [...]

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