College Station Roofing RepairThe roof of any building is going to be subject to pest problems that can be prevented before causing major problems. Unfortunately, many times when the problem cannot be seen until the damage has been done. Though it is impossible to totally prevent animals and rodents from harming a roof, knowing the best ways to prevent these creatures from causing costly damage to a College Station roof would be very helpful. Below is problems with roofing pests such as termites, woodpeckers, raccoons and squirrels and possible solutions.

Termites– Highly destructive social insects that can live in and feed on wood.

  • Problem: When this insect attacks, they usually build decentralized and self-organized systems that are within wood which they enter through small crevices. If the trusses of a roofing structure are made of wood, termites can consume cause severe damage to the whole structure.
  • Solution: Structural repairs or replacement and/or termite extermination are very expensive, which can be prevented with regular inspections. These pests are not so common in urban homes, being more at prevalent in rural areas where they tend to be popular. Thanks to more proper home inspections this problem is less common than it used to be; however, it is important for owners to get a house inspected on a regular basis and especially before purchase of a new building. Termites can be prevented by using cured wood that is capable of repelling an insect attack on the wooden portion of a roof.

Woodpeckers– A climbing bird with a hard bill that hammers into wood in search of insects.

  • Problem: This particular species of bird inhabits forested areas where they drill holes in trees; these pecking practices also create a problem to some commercial and residential roofs in certain areas. When pecking on a house, they usually make annoying sounds. So if this sound is heard on a roof, it means they are starting to cause damage and needs to be stopped as soon as possible.
  • Solution: Netting the spot will effectively keep woodpeckers from returning to the same spot; however, it is a cumbersome solution and difficult to maintain. Brightly-colored windmills or plastic twirlers have proven effective in deterring the birds and preventing them from getting near to and pecking on a roof.

Squirrels– Bushy-tailed members of the rodent family that live in trees and try to enter roofs to nest.

  • Problem: These chattery creatures are one of the most common intruders of roofs and attics in suburban settings, especially where there are a lot of trees. Their size and weight is what damages roofs; however, their sharp claws make most building top coverings more vulnerable to damage that could cause problems.
  • Solution: Using live traps or installing a strong strobe light are the two most common methods to get rid of squirrels. Live traps can be placed but must be checked regularly while strong strobe lights keep them away as their eyes are sensitive and cannot tolerate strong lights.

Raccoons – Nocturnal carnivores and like squirrels, try to inhabit roofing areas.

  • Problem: These creatures raid garbage cans for food or run through the gardens as well as attempt to reside in an attic. Their weight alone is enough to cause some damage just by crossing the roof, which can damage the surface material and cause leakage through the shingle or tile.
  • Solution: Most raccoon repellent devices sold are not helpful. In fact, the FTC has issued a warning against using such devices. Instead, keep the top surface of the house clean and free from debris or fruits from any nearby trees. Inspect the roof regular for damage caused by these creatures.

If it is apparent that some of the above problems have occurred, enlisting the services of a College Station roof contractor can be very helpful. They certainly know what to look for and how to handle any problem that may be evident. Hopefully the above information has provided a little insight into how to handle roofing pests if they should appear!

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