Building a porch can add to a home’s curb appeal. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, it also serves a practical purpose when hosting outdoor events and a great vantage point for enjoying the outdoor view. Since a porch can be an attention-grabber for a house, it is important that it just that purpose. So what elements come together to create great College Station roof over a porch?


Roofing is one of the stylistic elements of a porch, so it is important to choose material that can fully utilize such artistic freedom. Ideally, the finish should match what has been installed on the main roof. For example, if the main covering has been completed with some type of asphalt shingle, a porch should hopefully utilize the same type of material to allow for continuity in the building’s entire general design. There are times when such a normal outlook needs some rethinking, such as when it is decided to highlight or accent the porch, it is possible to use a different material. In such cases, it is important to consider if the material of choice is suitable for the application and will fit in with the existing decor.

It is important that the weather in the area be given careful consideration since some material is only ideal for certain application. For example, in regions with hot dry weather the use of material such as bright clay tiles would be a very good consideration. Clay tiles are a good way to accent porches and bring out a bright and sunny atmosphere. It is not a good choice in an area that is prone to rain and thunderstorms, which would leave any roof with a short lifespan. If the location often experiences thunderstorms with hail and high winds, it would be ideal to choose material that is tested for such applications including impact resistant shingles or even synthetic material such as fiberglass and even metal.


The design of a roof by a College Station roof contractor is another aesthetic element that can be satisfactorily used. Ideally, a design should be similar to the main roof in order to retain uniformity; however, there are times this can deviate from the norm for creative and aesthetic purposes. Here are some of the common designs from which to choose.

  • Shed –This type of porch roof consists of a slanted single panel with the high end connected to an exterior wall. This is the simplest design for a porch covering and is ideal if the porch is long and narrow.
  • Gable – The gable is composed of two sides joined together at a raised center called a ridge. One end of the gable is connected into the wall, while the other end forms an open triangle.
  • Hipped – The hipped roof is composed of two similar panels that are joined together with a ridge similar to a gable design. The only exception is that the edges of the panels are slanted and joined together creating a pyramid-like profile.

In summary, having an attractive porch built has much to do with its roof design and therefore careful planning must be given when choosing material and architecture. The practical aspects of functionality and durability should not be overlooked in all planning considerations. Hopefully, this article has provided helpful information regarding a College Station Roof for a porch to help select the best covering for each and every home!

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