College_Station_Roof_CompaniesOne important aspect that is often overlooked when installing a new roof is the warranty, as cost factors and appearance initially seem to be more important. According to College Station roof companies; with the rising cost of building material and unexpected weather conditions, it is important to have a roofing warranty.


There are three types of warranties that cover roofs.

1. Manufacturer – The first is provided by the manufacturer of the roofing material. As an example, shingle manufacturers offer product warranties as an incentive to purchase a particular kind with the confidence that it will last for a given period of time such as 15 to 20 years. This means that any fault with the product that happens during that time frame will paid by the manufacturer.

2. Contractor – Another type of warranty is provided by the contractor. This typically offers coverage should any problems arise that are strictly related to how the roofing material was placed or attached on the roof. This is only reasonable for a company to be responsible for the construction of the roof and repair any defects resulting from poor workmanship. The length of this type of warranty varies a great deal, ranging from less than 5 years to the lifetime of the roofing material.

3. Combination – The third type covers the cost of the material as well as its construction. Manufacturers may set up an arrangement with a roofing company to have any problems or defects with the material handled as the cost of the tile or shingle would be reimbursed to the contractor. This also of course covers the work of College Station roofing companies for any defects or problems. This type of warranty is typically for a longer period of time than the other two cover individually.

Other Considerations

Having a roof that is covered by a warranty truly provides peace of mind to the roof owner; however; be careful when choosing a product or contractor as to what would cause a warranty to not cover the material or the installation costs. Some warranties have very specific conditions stated that would void any warranty and such information must be known ahead of time.

1. Scope of Coverage – First, when choosing a product always check the scope of the warranty. Does it only apply to damages incurred within a certain time frame? Does it also cover damage caused by hail or wind? These small details could affect whether or not any damage will be covered.

2. Installation – Second, find out if the product warranty only applies if the material is installed by a manufacturer-certified contractor. Manufacturers often include this clause since there are times when improper installation can damage the material which would void the warranty. To avoid such a problem, be sure that the product is installed by an approved contractor.

Whether the warranty comes from the manufacturer or contractor, be sure that the company is financially capable of backing any claims. This is important for a contractor providing the service or product because financial instability might make it impossible to file a claim once the company dissolves.

A warranty is an important factor to consider; providing peace of mind if a roof should fail. It would cover the expenses for repairs, avoiding untimely expenses and problems. Hopefully this article has provided helpful information regarding the importance of a new roof protection under a warranty. Protect that new roof with a comprehensive roofing warranty!

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