College_Station_roof_RepairThe space that exists between the ceiling of an underlying room and the primary roofing materials is called the roof deck. Its primary function is to keep shingles intact and in place; so for most College Station roof repair jobs, this part of the structure is indeed the very foundation of the roof. This means status of the underneath decking will surely affect the coverings on top of it. When planning to replace the deck, it would be helpful to read the information offered below before making a final decision about the roof deck.

Common Issues

Water leakage caused by loose or broken shingles is one of the most common causes of deck problems. The moisture will gradually rot the underlying boards and if left untreated, will result to more serious problems. The safest decision is to have a professional roofer install the entire system to be sure that the job is correctly completed. Typically, the finished look of the entire roof is determined by the way underlying wood panels are placed. For instance, if the panels are installed inaccurately, the roof may not look good or perform well.

Another cause of common roof decking problems is the material that was initially used. It is advisable by most professional roofers when looking to replace the sheathing to use the newer Oriented Strand Board or OSB roof decking. These new panels eliminate some of the most common issues in this area, especially with flat or smooth house top surface. Not only will it look better; the shingles will be more secure and stable.

It is advisable to replace any older size of decking material when the shingles are being replaced. Outdated material will never last as long as new material, so replacing one when replacing the other is just a very good common sense approach to take. Although replacement by a College Station roof repair company of the older material may cost a little more, the best long-term solution would be to install new OSB sheathing.

Installation Requirements

It is important to make the foundation of the roof be good, reliable, and durable; installation should meet as least these three important requirements:

  • Expansion Gaps – The decking board or panels will either expand or contract with the changing seasons and weather. Over time, if the panels are snugly fitted together at the beginning, they will eventually bump each other and cause several issues such as ridges, bulges and valleys.
  • Covering – Felt paper is typically used to cover sheathing panels before installing the new shingles or tiles in order to absorb any chemicals that are gradually released by the newly installed material. Also, a felt paper covering will prevent asphalt shingles from sticking and damaging the deck due to weather changes. As the board gradually shifts, the felt paper will catch and prevent shingles from getting into the expansion gaps.
  • Ventilation – In order to keep decking boards solid and clean, it is important to provide the attic or underlying area with adequate ventilation. Without enough air vents, there is a distinct possibility that condensation will occur in the attic that can encourage the growth of mold. When such an issue is left unattended, mold can grow to the point that the entire roof will need to be replaced.

Don’t be too hasty in having any College Station roof repair work done, certainly not before having clearly identified if there are decking issues to handle as well. This could affect any estimate that is given and/or decision reached about which roofing company to use, as problems with underlying sheathing could come as a surprise and increase the final roofing bill to an amount well beyond the bid amount. Knowing some of this important information can indeed help to identify roof decking needs and make the correct decision regarding their replacement!


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