College_Station_Roof_RepairPatios are a great addition to any home; however, a patio is only as good as its roof. A nice addition for lounging, entertaining, or simply observing nature with the protection of an overhead covering, patios, porches and verandas are relatively easy to build as long as a few important details are researched. The primary concern is what type of roof should be chosen and how should it be integrated into the existing architecture of the home. A College Station roof company can help with this decision, although it would be wise for anyone considering such a choice to be well versed on all options.

A patio is an extension of the home and any roofing material and installation methods must be appropriately and properly installed. Some patio roofs are built onto the house like an addition; others are attached as single units, which means that material suitability will vary.

Roof as an Extension

When the roof is an extension of the house, the same home roofing options exist. Asphalt, wood or ceramic shingles that blend seamlessly with the existing structure is the best choice. Material is typically chosen to match what is already there. Blending a roof provides a more secure, weatherproof area and is more visually appealing than a material that is different from the existing building. For the DIYer’s out there, such a match can be more difficult. A College Station roof company should handle any project that involves the modification of the existing shingles or material.

In certain applications, it is possible to use glass and polycarbonate as light-emitting tops as well, usually with the type of patio that is built on as a sun room or other permanent addition to the house. This type definitely needs a professional installation, since it is a detailed, specialized process.

Roof As an Addition

For coverings built to attach to the house but not actually integrate with it, there are many more options. Angled batten wood slats make attractive pergola-type covers that shade the sun in summer and allow it through in winter. When used with framing, thatch can be an attractive patio covering as well. Fiberglass and corrugated metal sheets are popular and easy to install. Shade sails and retractable fabric awnings can make beautiful canopies depending on the support structure and the architecture it will complement.

Trellises and climbing vines can look especially nice on pergola-type tops when well tended; however, the type of plants used and existing climate must be considered. Large fabric gazebos can be incorporated as patio roofs as well as a simple installation of tube frame and shading mesh. Wooden lattices also create a good cover as are roof pans that are one-piece roof components made of aluminum and attached to wooden framing.

Secure Installation

The main concern of these options is have secure installation or attachment to permanent or freestanding framing. Wind resilience must be considered as well as ease of removal if not sturdy and weatherproof. Whatever material or method is used, periodic inspection is essential to prevent unnecessary repairs or accidents. Poor workmanship and lack of maintenance can detract from curb appeal and home value.

Hopefully the above information can help ease the process of patio roof selection. Consultation with an experienced contractor can provide a great patio roof or covered porch for further enjoyment of the outside area of a home!

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