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Drones are getting more and more attention in the world now including with commercial roofing services.

All of this awareness is well-deserved since these wonderful flying pieces of technology have found more use throughout a spread of industries and even in daily life.

Background of Drones

Drones have been used in all sorts of applications, including the military and entertainment industry.

Do you remember the drone light show during the Super Bowl?

They have even been used for capturing the moments of a special day with aerial shots to set the scene.

Travel bloggers also love to use them for the videos they share on social media.

Current Usage of Drones

Other industries have begun to adopt drones for their own use.

As mentioned above, commercial roofing services have already begun using these flying machines to help with roof inspections at any time during the process to improve services.

These remote controlled wonders are helping the commercial roofing contractor get work done more quickly and efficiently.

What exactly does this mean for commercial roofers?

Faster Inspections

A commercial roofer can be more efficient during inspections and inspect a roof as much as five times faster than normal.

Modern drones, including the ones commercially available, allow the commercial roofer to get a full view of the roof they need to inspect and get a close up if necessary.

The entire inspection can be done in 20 minutes without the need to set up ladders and climb on the roof.

Quick inspections allow for more accurate bids and allow a commercial roofing contractor to complete more bids in general.

See Damage From The Ground

Using a drone allow roofers to get images of a roof from both far away and up close; they can see if there is damage that may need a second look.

It also allows the contractor to see if there is a need for maintenance or repairs.

Inspections using drones can also determine the type of roofing material that was used.

These detailed photos can provide an accurate mapping of the structure itself, allowing for the identification of chimneys, vents, and so on.

Getting More Business

Because of all the advantages drones can bring, roofers can take on more business.

The speed with which inspections can be done means that a company can do more of them, in turn allowing them to submit more bids to customers in need of their services.

Roofing services can use these flying miracles to their advantage during extreme weather events when so many people require roof repair.

A Final Look At Drones and Commercial Roofing!

One great and creative way to increase your business and reputation as a commercial roofing contractor is by investing in innovative technologies that put your services a cut above the rest.

This is why it is such a good idea to look into what drones can do for you and your business as a commercial roofer!

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