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Has your roof recently been damaged due to severe weather or a freak accident? Fixing this damage can be not only difficult, but dangerous as well. If you are in need of roof repair or even a replacement, there are a few things to consider. Before trying to do any kind of repairs yourself, take time to consider whether you will truly be able to complete the job on your own, especially if you are dealing with a major roof repair or the installation of a completely new structure.

If you decide to leave roof repair to the pros, one important thing to keep in mind is  hiring the right company to do the job. The roof company you employ to do the job should have extensive experience in roof services. This will ensure that your roof will be in top shape when the job is done, with fewer problems along the way. One of the first decision to make is roof type. If your preference is metal, would steel or aluminum be the better choice?

Steel and Aluminum

Regardless of whether you choose steel or aluminum for a roof company to install, both types are produced at a mill in large rolls of new or recycled material. In terms of energy efficiency, both similarly reflect light and heat. Metal roofs made from either aluminum or steel can be coated with different textures and colors to give them a nice appearance. Both materials also offer high durability, making either one a good choice.

Differences Between Steel And Aluminum Roofing Material

Following are some of the ways in which these two types of metal roofs differ:

  • Malleability - When it comes to malleability, aluminum has the advantage. It is more elastic than steel, which makes it a great choice considering it is only one-third the weight of steel.  Aluminum is a better choice for ornate work; however, aluminum is about 20% more expensive than steel. Although steel is not as elastic and malleable, it does have the advantage of being easier to weld than aluminum.
  • Corrosion Resistance - This is another area where aluminum has the advantage. Aluminum is more resistant to corrosion than steel, making it a good choice in coastal areas. Even when steel is coated, it still has a tendency to corrode and rust, especially if something chips the coating. Unfortunately, aluminum is more vulnerable to other kinds of oxidation and can fail due to pitting.
  • Heat And Cooling Conduction - Aluminum conducts heat better than steel. It also cools more quickly because it does not store as much heat. Aluminum also conducts electricity better.
  • Appearance - Both metals look good with the right type of coating; however, steel looks better bare than aluminum. This material doesn't look as good as steel, especially when it starts to age.

If you are still undecided as to whether you want a steel or aluminum roof, ask a roof company for their advice. Think about the location and climate in which you live and where your house will be built as well as whether either material will accommodate the design of your home. Remember to hire experienced roof services to install your new roof and handle any future roof repairs. Then you will have a roof that can last for many years to come!

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