The roof on a house does a lot more than just protect the structure. A roof creates character, especially when it is more than just a simple gable style roof. Dormers can enhance the look of a roofline when installed by an experienced roofing contractor. Like little eyebrows on the house, dormers can be decorative or functional, depending on their size and style. A great time for homeowners to discuss adding dormers to their roofs is when roofing maintenance is being performed, and contractors can get a good look at the style and condition of the existing roof.

Although it can be done at any time, the best time for a roof company to install dormers is just before putting on a new roof or making repairs. All that is necessary is choosing the right type to match the home’s architectural style.

What Are Roof Dormers?

Roof dormers are small extensions off the roof of a house that do multiple things, such as the following:

  • Add more space to the upper floor of a home.
  • Provide light and ventilation through the windows in the dormers.
  • Add character to the look of the home.

Dormers can be a great roofing addition to any home, as they can be designed in various shapes and sizes to match a homeowner's needs, as well as a home's architectural style.

Different Types of Dormers

There are many types of roof dormers commonly seen on homes. Choosing the right style is essential to enhance the look of the home, or provide the right function. Following are some of the styles of dormers roofing companies offer for installation:

  • Gabled - Gabled dormers are extensions off the main roof slope that have their own pitched, gabled style roofs that are separate from the main roof. There are many styles of gabled dormers that incorporate different design elements to best match the home’s look and architecture.
  • Shed - A shed dormer is a large section of a roof that is raised to raise the ceiling inside that area of the house to provide more usable living space. They can be as wide as two or three windows, or extend the length of the home, making the most of that additional space. Shed dormers have roofs that slope downward off the existing roof like a shed roof.
  • Hipped - Hipped dormers are similar to the gable dormer in how they extend from the main angles of the roof, except they include a separate hipped type roof, covering only the dormer.
  • Eyebrow - Rounded half-circle or triangular, eyebrow dormers are frequently smaller dormers with the sole purpose of adding light or ventilation. These dormers are usually found closer to the top of a roof, and extend out only a small distance.
  • Segmental or Arched - These are standard dormer styles, like the gable, that extend outward from the pitch of the roof, only with a rounded top and roof on each dormer. These are seen on French-inspired home architecture.
  • Polygonal and Octagonal - Large dormers that extend from the front of a house, rather than just the roof, to create a large amount of space the way a bowed window might if it were the full height. These types of dormers usually have hipped roofs that can be designed to match the many sides of the dormer itself.

Although these are a few of the main types of dormers, they also exist in many other types and architectural styles, to match a home’s individual look. There are countless ways for roof contractors to add all kinds of beautiful dormers to the roof of a house in order to increase charm and appeal. Whether arranging for roofing maintenance or planning a new roof installation, discuss adding decorative and useful dormers with a skilled roofer today. Turning an ordinary home into an extraordinary one can be easy with architectural dormers!

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