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One of the most important factors in a correct roof installation is getting enough ventilation to the roof. By using a ventilation system including soffit vents, a roof company will make sure your attic is properly vented to promote home climate efficiency and reduce the possibility that you will need expensive roof repair.

Yet it is important to note that having more vents on the top of your roof means very little without enough soffit vents to work with them. While they may not seem to do much, soffit vents are a critical part of an effective home design.

What Are Soffit Vents?

The soffit on a home is the area underneath the edge of your roof. Soffit vents are metal grids that are usually about a foot or so long. A roof company will place these vents in the soffit area of a home during the initial roof installation. These openings are protected from the elements and play an essential role in effective attic ventilation, preventing damage that could require roof repair.

Soffit vents are standard on most homes today, although they can be easily added to homes that need them or need more of them.

What is the Role of Soffit Vents?

Soffit vents work in conjunction with the other vents a roof company installs at the top of your roof. Ridge, dormer, and gable vents as well as turbine and electric vents all serve the same purpose: allowing hot air to escape from your attic. Hot air rises, naturally flowing out of these exhaust areas; however, without a source of cooler air coming in, airflow through and out of the attic is too slow.

It is the soffit vents that draw in fresh air from outside the house, pushing the hot air inside the attic space out through the vents on top. All the vents together establish a continuous flow of air that allows hot air to escape freely as it is replaced by cooler air coming from the soffits.

Why Are Soffit Vents Critical to Your Roof?

Soffit vents are one of the main components needed to establish good airflow through your attic. They are an essential requirement for reducing the problems caused by poor attic ventilation, many of which can damage your roof installation. Without enough airflow through your attic to release hot air, condensation becomes a concern, along with heat related problems that require various types of roof repair.

Over time, condensation in the attic can cause mold problems in the home or cause structural components in the attic to rot. Overheating under the shingles often results in blistering, ice damming, and other problems. It can also break down adhesives used to secure roofing material. Leaks and other problems become more likely due to this damage.

Fortunately, it is easy to prevent these problems and reduce the need for roof repair by making sure your attic has enough soffit vents to promote good airflow. Although the minimum number of soffit vents required will differ depending on the size of your home, building codes, and the number of attic vents in the roof installation, a roof company can easily add more to resolve any ventilation issues.

When properly positioned and installed, soffit vents are one of the most important parts of the installation that protect your roof, your utility bill, and your entire home!

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