Roofs are certainly a major expense, especially when you need to install a new roof.

According to experienced roof companies, the best way to minimize this major future expense is to invest in a good roofing system right from the very start.

With a good roof that is properly installed by qualified roof services, you can minimize further costs involved down the line.

A good roofing system coupled with regular inspections and proper maintenance by an experienced roof company can help your roof last for a long time.

If you need a new roof and want it to last, a good idea to help your new roof last is to use starter shingles during the installation.

What are starter shingles and why are they important for your roof? Let’s take a look.

What Are Starter Shingles?

Basically, a starter shingle is designed to be the base of an entire roof; it’s a strip of asphalt shingles that are laid down on your roof and placed at the edge of your eaves and gutters.

They are essentially designed to help protect the edge of your roof and act as a guide to let your roof company correctly place the rest of the shingles.

Roof services also use starter shingles because they offer many other different benefits.

Starter Shingles - Keep Your Roof Watertight!

One of the things that starter shingles can do is keep your roof watertight.

Once the starter shingle is laid, the rest of the shingles are placed in such a way that water is channeled towards the edge covered by the starter shingle.

This ensures that water doesn’t get to your roof deck, since when water runs down the roof, the starter shingle keeps your roof deck protected.

Contractors with roof services credit starter shingles for keeping decking from getting soaked with water, which would cause problems later.

Starter Shingles - Help Your Roof Be Wind Resistant!

Another thing that a starter shingle can help with is keeping your roof resistant to wind.

Roof companies advise that wind resistance is very important to the durability of your roof.

As long as the starter shingles and the rest of the sections of the roof are of quality material and installed properly, your roof will be more resistant to strong winds.

Starter Shingles - Other Benefits!

There are other benefits in having a high quality roof.

One benefit is that roof installation will go much more quickly and smoothly, since the starter shingles act like guides for the rest of the sections of the house.

Another benefit is the clean look that starter shingles provide; they give your roof a sharp and clean edge that gives a well-finished look.

At the End of the Day

Starter shingles provide many benefits for your roof according to roof services.

Don’t skip getting them put in during your roof installation so that your roof will be protected from water and from wind.

Just be sure to hire an experienced roof company for best results with your new roof!

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