People don’t often think about ventilation when they think about their roofs and attics; however, when they do think about roof maintenance, they call local roof services to come and make an inspection to be sure everything is in working order.

What most people fail to realize is that proper ventilation is very important to consider during any roof installation.

Ventilation is air flow through an intake and exhaust system that keeps the air fresh and dry in the ventilated area.

Why is ventilation so important when it comes to roofing? Let’s take a look.

What is Roof Ventilation?

If you see pipes sticking out of a roof, those are pretty much ventilation pipes that were put in during roof installation.

These pipes should also be checked during roof maintenance to make sure that the roof doesn’t begin to leak around them.

How Does Roof Ventilation Work?

The ventilation of a roof or attic area only works when the air actually flows.

Roof services contractors advise that there are two main ways that air flow is created in an attic.

  1. A mechanical way, where a power source is required.
  2. A natural way, where stack effect and wind effect work in conjunction to circulate the air naturally.

The stack effect is created when hot air rises to the high points of the attic and exits; it is known as exhaust once it leaves the attic area.

In order for it to escape, there must be an inlet for cooler air or intake that is lower in pressure.

The pipes you see installed on the roof are both intake and exhaust pipes.

When the wind blows against your roof, the volume of intake and exhaust increases by what is known as the wind effect.

It is this intake and exhaust that generates the natural air flow keeping your attic well-ventilated.

What Does Roof Ventilation Do?

Roof services will tell you that ventilation is important for your home because it keeps the air dry, lessening the chance that mold and mildew will grow on your roof and in your attic.

This lessens the need for roof maintenance and helps increase the life span of your current roof installation.

A roof and attic that stays dry can keep its structural integrity, unlike a roof that begins to suffer moisture damage over time.

If you are purchasing a home and unaware if everything is working well, call roof services to ensure that the venting system of the home is working as it should.

You can also save a bit on electricity as a properly vented attic and roof can help lower HVAC costs.

Don't Overlook Your Roof Ventilation!

Roof ventilation is an often overlooked yet very important part of any roof installation.

No experienced roof services company will forget about making sure that your roof and attic have adequate air flow.

Be sure to remember that roof maintenance is still required to keep your venting system functioning properly!

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