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A little leak in your roof requires roof repair and can usually wait until you can meet with a good local contractor. If you have a large leak or some other kind of damage inidicating you may need roof replacement if you let it go, speak with experienced roof services as quickly as possible.

For the best chance of saving your roof, read below to know when you need emergency repairs and when it can wait until your contractor can fit you into their work schedule.

When Do You Need Emergency Repairs?

Although many leaks may be minor and not considered to be an emergency that requires immediate attention, more serious leaks should be repaired by experienced roof services right away:

  • Many Shingles or Entire Panels Blown Off - If many shingles or entire metal panels are blown or peeled away and the underlayment or decking is exposed, it should be corrected as quickly as possible. Call a roof repair company to come out once the storm has passed, then try to cover the area in the meantime. You can limit the amount of damage your roof sustains by shielding it from additional wind and rain until the roofer arrives.
  • Something Penetrates the Roof - If a tree branch or some other debris makes a hole in your roof, this type of leak is always an emergency. If you can, patch or cover a small hole until roof replacement services can get there. If the hole is large or there is also a significant amount of water leaking in, it will require immediate emergency repair to prevent further damage.  
  • Leaks from Ice Damming  - When water seeps under shingles because of ice damming, you need the help of experienced roof services as soon as possible. If you see evidence of loosening or lifted shingles or leaking on the inside of your attic from ice damming, find a contractor who can come before the next rain or snowfall to prevent more water damage.

When Is Your Leak Not An Emergency?

Minor leaks that appear over time are not usually considered to be emergencies. These problems still require attention to prevent damage from worsening; however, it is not usually necessary for roof repair services to make an emergency visit.

Make arrangements for a roof replacement contractor to come inspect the damage and plan for repairs with you. Minor leaks include anything you can easily cover up or patch; leaks caused by loose or missing flashing or a few missing shingles; leaks that leave water stains inside your attic; and any similar damage.

When your roof begins to leak, you should arrange for roof repairs to be done promptly in order to reduce additional damage. Minor leaks should never be ignored; they can be repaired in a timely manner when you schedule with experienced roof services. Sudden or serious leaks should be considered an emergency and must be repaired as soon as a roof replacement company can get to your house. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind so you know how to handle various types of damage and get the repairs your roof needs!

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