Hurricane season officially arrived in Texas one June 1st and for some, that may mean potential roof damage and a need to seek a roofer to come out and do some roof repair.

When a hurricane strikes, how will you know if your roof has damage that needs attention?

Follow these basic tips on what to look for to know if you need to make a phone call to a roof company once the weather clears!

1. Look for the Obvious - Debris and Branches

Start a roof inspection by walking around your house looking for obvious damage after the storm, such as fallen tree branches and other large debris that’s been blown onto your roof that will be easy to spot.

If it’s small enough, you could try to carefully go up on a ladder to remove it and get a closer look as to whether there is any actual damage that needs repair.

Larger debris that protrudes through the structure or damaged the shingles will be pretty easy to spot.

2. What Condition Are the Shingles In?

Next look for problems with the shingles; although missing and broken shingles that need immediate roof repair will be more obvious to spot, take a closer look.

See whether any shingles look like they’ve been loosened, lifted, bent, cracked, or otherwise compromised.

If the storm produced hail, you may also see areas of missing granules or dented shingles.

3. Inspect Flashing, Pipe Collars, and Other Seals

Missing and damaged flashing and seals are a leading cause of leaks that eventually cause damage that requires attention from a roof company.

Inspect all the flashing in the corners and angles of your roof to make sure it’s all present, in good condition, and properly attached.

Look at pipe vent collars and seals around any other protrusions such as vent fans and skylights as these areas are vulnerable to damage in extreme weather.

4. Any Signs of Leaks In the Attic?

After you’ve made a good effort to inspect the outside of your roof, head inside and check out the attic.

Sometimes even a few unnoticed loose shingles in need of roof repair will be more evident if you look inside and see water or dampness in the attic.

Look at the rafters and decking as well as insulation and stored items.

If there’s wetness anywhere, you’ve got a leak that needs attention before the damage progresses.

Storm Damage Inspection After Every Hurricane

When extreme weather like a hurricane happens, your roof could take a beating, making it essential to look for any damage that needs roofing repair after every bad storm.

Leaving even minor damage unattended can result in major problems with your roof later that could also void your warranty.

Do an inspection once you can get outside and see how your home fared in the weather, then call a roof company right away if you notice any problems.

Dealing with roofers sooner rather than later is the preferable and least-expensive way to handle hurricane damage!

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