Storm season is nearly year-round in Texas and if you own a home, you surely know that it means you might need roof repairs resulting from storm damage until the season passes.

Between now and winter, you’ll need to keep a close eye on your roof and call a roofer if you notice any damage.

How can you tell if your roof has been damaged and what should you do about it?

Use these handy tips so you know how exactly what to do when a storm passes and leaves you in need of roof services!

Check for Roof Damage After Every Storm

Whether it’s a hail storm, hurricane, or just extremely high winds, Texas rooftops can really take a beating during storm season.

Pardon the pun but be sure to stay on top of what’s going on with yours and determine whether you need repairs by checking your roof after every extreme weather event.

What Should I Look For?

Look for these signs that your roof has experienced storm damage and then call a roof company to come make repairs:

  • Hail Damage - Signs include dents and marks on the shingles, chipped and broken shingles, significant and sudden loss of granules, or granules collecting in the gutters.
  • Wind Damage - Signs include broken, torn, and peeled back shingles, missing shingles after a storm, lifted shingles that are not adhered flat any longer, and more.
  • Other Storm Damage - Protrusions through the roof, fallen trees, branches, or other debris on the roof that has damaged the shingles, damaged or missing gutters, missing or damaged flashing, as well as other damage that wasn’t there before the storm.

Try to Minimize Additional Damage

Once you’ve located areas of damage on your roof, do what you can to minimize more damage until you can arrange for roof services to come out and repair it.

If it’s possible, cover up any holes, obvious leaks, and areas where the shingles are damaged to the point that they are no longer watertight.

Call Your Homeowners Insurance Company

Be sure to call your homeowner's insurance company to alert them of the damage and follow their instructions.

Depending on the severity of the problem, they will either send an adjuster out to inspect the damage and then tell you to call a roof company or if you need immediate repairs, allow you to call a contractor right away.

In either case, arrange to have repairs done as soon as possible so there’s less risk of additional damage happening.

Call A Roof Company

Call a local roofing contractor to look at your roof and assess the cost for repairs and determine the urgency of getting such work done.

If you have significant damage, the contractor may agree to come out to do a temporary repair to cover up the damage, then return at a later date to do the full repair.

If the damage is not threatening the entire roof and only involves something like a few missing shingles or there is only moderate hail damage that still warrants replacing the whole roof, they will most likely schedule a mutually convenient time with you to do the repair work.

Storm Damage Happens - Know What to Do When It Does!

The weather in Texas is unpredictable at best and extreme at its worst.

When the storms pass over your home, be sure to check your roof afterward to see if you’ve sustained any damage, then make arrangements for roof repairs quickly.

Leaving damage unaddressed by assuming everything is fine will lead to more significant, cumulative damage over time.

The sooner you get a contractor out to help you, the better!

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