A serious concern that roof services come across from time to time is a roof that is close to collapsing without the homeowners realizing that their home is suffering from such severe damage.

Usually due to a lack of maintenance and needed roof repairs, collapses are extremely dangerous and can affect the integrity of the entire home structure.

Is your roof showing symptoms that a collapse could be coming?

Learn these important signs of damage that suggest a roof replacement is needed before the structure degrades to the point of a dangerous roof failure.

Sagging in the Roof Support Structure

The most obvious sign that a collapse could be coming is significant sagging in the framework and other support structures that hold up your roof.

Although slight warping of the rafters can happen at times as the wood ages, roof services recommend that any type of sagging be inspected to make sure the framework has not somehow been compromised and could eventually collapse.

Water damage, bad materials, ongoing damage that has not received adequate roof repair, and other issues can eventually cause sagging as the structure loses its integrity and progresses toward collapse.

Structural Cracks Inside or Outside Your Home

Another sign of an impending collapse is less obvious damage occurring around the house such as cracks appearing in key places.

Cracks that appear and grow in the walls, whether inside or out, are a prime indicator that there is something happening above and replacement of the roof might be needed.

While these cracks could be signs of many different structural problems, it’s essential to have your roof inspected by a qualified contractor who can determine whether yours shows signs that a collapse is possible.

Shifting and Warping

Doors and windows that bind or don’t open and close easily are more than just an annoyance; they can indicate serious problems with your home structure including the possibility that your roof could be failing.

Shifting, sagging, or failing framework can put pressure on different parts of your home and warp or shift door and window frames, preventing them from working properly.

Leaks and Signs of Ongoing Water Damage

Water is an extremely damaging element of nature and can be very detrimental to the integrity of your roof.

Active leaks are a prime source of long-term damage that can progress over time, especially if undetected or appropriate roof repair is not sought.

Continuous moisture causes wood rot that can weaken the entire structure, causing a collapse if not corrected as quickly as possible.

Prevent Roof Collapse by Learning the Warning Signs

The last thing any homeowner wants to experience is their roof collapsing due to existing, undetected damage to the structure that puts it at risk.

You can prevent a collapse by working with a qualified roof service that can do regular inspections to detect problems, then provide the roof repair or replacement needed to correct them before they get worse.

With proper attention and then learning the signs that a collapse could be coming, you can save your roof before the worst happens!

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