A roof is an expensive investment, so getting a full service life from it is important. Still, roofs do not last forever, and the time will eventually come when a house or building needs a new one. By knowing what signs to look for that indicate roof replacement is necessary, home and building owners can plan and budget accordingly, while getting the most from their existing roof. Continued repairs to a roof that needs replacing becomes expensive; similarly, replacing a roof that can be repaired is just as wasteful. Understanding the signs that show the need for a new roof is essential for avoiding the extra expense of unnecessary roofing replacement services.

Roof Age

While the age of a roof is not an indication alone that a roof should be replaced, those that are reaching the conclusion of their life expectancy generally suffer from at least some damage. A good rule of thumb is that even when there are no problems, plan for replacement as a roof nears the end of its life expectancy. Any extra time with a roof due to good condition is a bonus.

Shingle Condition

Over time, shingles become brittle and will split, crack, peel, and chip. Shingles can also curl, become loose on the roof, and lose their water tightness. The asphalt coating on asphalt shingles begins to dissipate. This is sometimes noticed as granules in the gutters or shingles looking smoother than normal. Any of these symptoms found in more than just a few shingles means a roof needs to be replaced.

Missing Shingles

Even if shingles seem to be in good condition, if any are missing, this is an indication of aging, as they are beginning to fall or blow off. One missing shingle may simply be the result of isolated damage; multiple missing shingles, especially scattered over a roof, means shingles are old and should be replaced.

Flashing, Valleys, and Sagging

Isolated areas where a piece of flashing falls off or leaks is one thing; when all of the flashing and valley coverings begin doing so, it is time to call a good roof company to have a new roof installed. It means the adhesives and other fastenings used on these areas are loosening, leaving places where moisture will start getting in. Ignoring these warning signs can eventually cause structural damage to the roof, resulting in sagging.

See-Through Roofing

Roofs are made up of many layers, so from the inside they should not show any daylight. If it is possible to see daylight through decking seams, or there is evidence of water damage on the underside of the roof decking, it is time for roofing services and replacement of the roof. This means the roof is no longer sealed, whether due to wear or missing parts, and must be taken care of as soon as possible.

Mold, Rot, or Other Decay

Keeping roofs clear of organic matter that can cause decay is important. When mold or other types of rot begins, it becomes widespread very quickly, damaging roofing material. Asphalt and wood roofs especially suffer from this kind of decay, although old metal roofs can experience corrosion at the seams and installation points, increasing the chance of leaks. Any of this type of widespread damage means it is time for a new roof.

Much about roof care is common sense. Good maintenance and regular inspections are essential for getting a full service life from any roof. When a roof begins to display any of the above symptoms, roof replacement is usually necessary. Homeowners who begin to notice these problems should contact a reputable roofing services contractor to discuss the damage and have a new roof installed before they begin to experience leaks and more severe damage!

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