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Home is often the first place that comes to mind when people think of a safe space; it keeps you safe from the elements and gives you shelter.

More often than not except in unusual circumstances, it keeps you safe from any untoward incidents.

Roofer services advise that it makes a lot of sense to look first at your roof to make sure that your home is as safe as it can be from weather and other unexpected events. 

Your Roof and Fire

One thing that most people want to avoid from ever happening to their home is a fire; unfortunately, nobody can 100% fireproof their home.

Fortunately, one thing that people can do to protect themselves from a fire is to lower the risk of it spreading, such as to the roof.

What about wildfires? Do you face that risk?

Roofer companies point out the need to make sure that certain parts of your home such as the roof are fire rated to the right degree in order to provide a reduced risk that a fire could spread to your roof.

So it becomes important to look to ask a roof service company to find out what kind of protection your home has against fire.

Do you know the fire rating of your roof?

Look into Fire Ratings

Not all roofs are created the same; some offer more fire protection than others.

It’s really important to consider the fire resistance of a roof system before you have roofer services install a new one.

So you should know your ABCs – the three fire rating classifications available.

  • Class A - This is the highest rating, the one that provides the best resistance against flames. Materials that fall under this rating are fiberglass or asphalt shingles, concrete tile or even clay tile, slate roofs and of course metal roofs.
  • Class B - The materials in this classification can stand some exposure from sources coming from outside the structure.
  • Class C - It is pointed out by roof services that this rating indicates material that can only handle light exposure.
  • Unrated - If a roof is unrated, tell that roofer company that it is unacceptable as this is the worst possible rating that is given.

Be sure to ask whichever roofer company you select to advise you about the rating of the system being installed to be certain it is the safety level you want.

How Are Fire Ratings Determined?

Experienced roof services tell their clients that ratings are determined through standard fire tests that look into three criteria:

  • Penetration of the flame through the covering and going into the attic.
  • Spread of the fire over the roofing material.
  • Tendency of the material to get dislodged and create embers that can be blown about by the wind.

How Can I Improve The Fire Rating of My Roof?

If you are not confident that your roof is able to handle flame well enough for your safety, you may want to call roofer services to help you upgrade.

Getting your home ready to handle accidents and unexpected disasters can be as simple as adding certain materials to your roof.

Ask a local roof services to get your roof up to speed so it can handle the fire hazard rating necessary where you live.

A Final Look At Roofing Fire Safety

When it comes to your home, you can never be too careful; an experienced roof services company can help homeowners be sure that their roofs are as safe as possible and it begins with knowing the fire rating of your home's protective covering.

Seek out and hire well-known and highly regarded roofer company to make sure your roof is as safe as it can be!

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