A roof, is a roof, is a roof… or is it? While every roof serves the same purpose, to protect the structure that it covers, there are many kinds of roofs to consider when building a home, or replacing a roof. Based on architectural style, local weather, and other important factors, companies who offer residential roof services can install the most attractive and durable roof for any home or building. Yet there are many types of roofs to choose from, so before calling that local roofing service, read on to learn more about some popular roof styles to get some ideas about the kinds available for installation today!

Gabled, Cross-Gabled and Other Gable Varieties

Gabled roofs are some of the most popular roofs that roofers install on homes today, consisting of two slopes that meet at the top ridge, and form a letter “A” shape. This roof offers large attic spaces, and is common on Cape Cod and similar style homes. Cross-gabled roofs have two ridges that intersect, so the gables end up going in different directions. They are common on homes that expand in multiple directions. There are many other varieties of the gabled roof, designed with different angles and ridges to fit a variety of architectural styles. Saltbox roofs are also a simplified, popular variation of a gabled roof, but one where the angles are offset, and the ridge is toward the front of the building with a longer slope angling off toward the back of the building.

Mansard and Gambrel

The mansard roof is one with four sides, each comprised of two slopes, which meet at the top in either a gable style or a flat style. The lower angle on the mansard roof looks like an extension of the top of the structure, and commonly contains dormers; while the upper angle that meets the ridge is sometimes not even visible from street view. It is a classic French style of roofing architecture that has been adopted into many other building styles. Gambrel roofs are similar to mansard roofs in that they are comprised of two or four sides that have two angles on each side. The main difference is that the upper angle of a gambrel roof is steeper, and the lower angle extends over the whole building. Expert roofing companies explain that Gambrel roofs provide large amounts of attic or upper floor space; making this a popular choice for the growing family.

Pyramid, Hip, and Bonnet

A pyramid roof is a four angle roof that meets in the middle of a structure in a point, like a pyramid. A hip roof is a variation of the pyramid roof except all four sides meet at a long ridge at the top of the structure, and not just at a point. The bonnet roof is a variation of the hip roof, with the longer sides of the roof consisting of two angles, rather than one straight one, making the roof sit like a brimmed hat on the building.

Flat and Skillion

A flat roof is just that, a roof that is flat, other than the few inches of angle normally included to assist with water runoff. A skillion roof is simply an angled flat roof, where one side of the roof is high up, and it slopes down in one long angle to the other side of the building. Both flat and skillion roofs are more common on contemporary styled architecture.

The roofs referenced above are only a few of the main types of roofs, as there are many styles of roofs that are either variations of these kinds, or combinations of them. Roofs and roof styles are important to the character of a home; therefore, knowing the different types that can be built by professional roofing services is also important. For more information about roof styles, and the best replacement or new construction roof, talk to some of the experts from experienced residential roofing services!

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