The key to getting a detailed roofing inspection and even an accurate work estimate by your roofer repair company is visibility.

Roofer services must gain a clear view of your structure to accurately determine its condition as well as what kind of repair it may require.

Considering how challenging that can be sometimes between the vast size of some commercial buildings or the steep roof angles on some homes, drones are a great tool for roofer repair services.

Drone technology offers today’s roofing contractors many advantages that make inspections and estimating easier while giving home and building owners the peace of mind that their roof will always stay in great shape.

1. A Bird’s Eye View for More Accurate Inspections

The most obvious reason why today’s roofer services love using drones is that they provide an aerial view of the entire roof, up close and personal.

Contractors can quickly fly over entire buildings and up to the highest peaks with ease to record images of the whole structure to determine its condition and whether there are any areas that need further close-up inspection by an actual roofer.

With this bird’s eye view of the top of a home or building, your roofer repair company can do a more accurate inspection and if repairs are found to be necessary, generate a very accurate work estimate for you.

2. Safer and More Cost-Effective Inspections

Using drones, roofer repair services can conduct more thorough inspections of any installation in a fraction of the time that it would take for contractors to go up on the roof and inspect it manually.

In instances where there are steep angles and elevations to contend with, the risk of injury from falling is eliminated which means that the cost of performing these inspections is much lower as a result.

3. Easier Use of Thermography

Using thermography, roofer services can accurately detect leaks and any damage caused by them, then determine what types of repairs are necessary to get your roof back into prime condition.

Traditionally, these scans are done at night from right on top of the building and require access to the building for however long the process takes.

Using drones, roofer repair companies can perform these same scans from above more quickly and without needing access to the building.

4. Fewer Missed Roofing Problems

With safer, faster, and more complete inspections possible with the use of a drone, roofer repair services can help you become more proactive in detecting minor damage to your roof so it can be repaired before becoming major damage.

Roofers Love the New Drone Technology

Used to conduct faster, easier, safer, and more thorough inspections, today’s roofer services find drone technology to be a helpful new element in the advancement of the roofing industry.

Drones help roofer repair companies do more accurate inspections, which better protects an installation from the problems of unseen or undetected damage.

Whether you own a large commercial building or a home with a roof that is less accessible due to its architecture, contact a roofer repair service that can do a drone inspection and get the best bird’s eye view of your roof!

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