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Finding reputable roofers can sometimes be challenging. There are plenty of roofer repair services out there that do exceptional work; however, there are also just as many who will take your money without doing the contracted work. So how can you tell which roofer services to trust? Following are a few inside secrets about bad roofing operations that you may want to avoid.

Get References

Before you begin asking for estimates from local roofer services, get references from friends, family, and the internet about the best contractors in the area. Look for online reviews and testimonials, paying particular attention to any complaints. Check with the BBB and other sites like Angie’s List. You should begin to get an idea of which contractors to consider and which ones to avoid.

Verify Business Location and Phone Number

Reputable roofer repair services who have been in business for a while will have both a permanent business address and local phone number. Verify phone numbers by looking them up in the business directory of your local phone book.

These listings are only available to businesses with actual business phones, not those using a personal or cell phone number. An actual street address that is not a residence is another sign of a permanent business run by reputable roofers.

Observe Roofers on the Job

When seeking local references from roofer services, ask for the address of previous jobs and also where the roofers are currently doing work. Visit former jobs to see what the roof looks like after some time. Visit the current sites to see what goes on at the jobsite.

What you see going on there and how employees handle the job is what you should expect if you hire that service. Are they working carefully and safely? Are they keeping the mess contained?

Recognize When a Price is Too Good to Be True

Price is one factor you should use to decide between contractors, although certainly not the only one. Estimates that are considerably lower than the competition are a warning that something may not be right. Avoid contractors who give you surprisingly low estimates regardless of how attractive the price may seem since this could mean they are using inferior materials or cut corners to save time and money.

How Do They Handle Jobsite Waste?

Another unsuspecting sign of disreputable roofer repair services is whether they use a dumpster to collect jobsite waste or have their own dump truck. Roofers know that dumpsters take up a lot of space and can cause considerable damage to a driveway. It is more economical in the long run to have a dump truck for collecting waste than to keep renting dumpsters. If a company is still using dumpsters, it could mean they have bad credit, which could indirectly impact the quality of the work you receive.

Get Multiple Estimates

Screen all contractors and find the best candidates by using the methods above and then narrowing your choices. Talk to at least five roofer services to discuss your needs and get a feel for the business. Choose the best three from your initial research and get estimates from them. Compare prices and estimates to choose the best option of the group. Before you decide that the lowest price is the best choice because a high quote could mean a company is overcharging, look at the other details that can indicate what type of roofer services are being provided.

How roofer repair services run their business, from their phone book directory listings to whether they have their own dump truck can tell you a lot about them. Avoid falling prey to bad roofers by recognizing the warning signs ahead of time!

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