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The right attic and roof insulation is a key factor for good home energy efficiency. An expert roof installation contractor knows that proper attic insulation protects shingles from the inside and also helps manage the temperature in your house.

Roofers recommended insulating any air ducts that pass through your attic, since they can have an effect on efficiency as well. Roof installation services can quickly and easily insulate air ducts when checking your attic ventilation.

Attic Insulation and Energy Efficiency

The attic is an important space in your home as far as roofing and energy efficiency are concerned. Typically, roofers will apply insulation between the rafters and trusses on the attic floor and under the decking. This insulation reduces the amount of UV energy that can pass through roofing materials and into the attic and the rest of the house.

It prevents cooler, conditioned air or heat in the winter from passing into the attic from the main living space. When either of these things happens, more energy is required to keep the home at a comfortable level. If the attic gets too hot, your shingles may be damaged and need the attention of a roofing contractor.

Why Insulate Around Attic Air Ducts?

Air ducts that run through the attic present a thermal issue for homeowners and roofer installation services. These ducts are usually made of sheet metal and are the passageways for hot and cool air inside the home. Because sheet metal is easily affected by warm or cool air, it can heat the attic when the furnace is running or make cooling the house difficult when the air conditioning is running.

As mentioned above, an overheated attic can damage your roofing; air-conditioning in this space can make your electricity bills climb. The simplest way to remedy this and ensure your home is energy efficient, reducing the chance of damaging your roof, is to insulate attic air ductwork. Roofers can do this while insulating your attic, when checking for proper ventilation, or any other time.

How Are Attic Air Ducts Insulated?

Insulating your attic air ducts is easy and inexpensive; most roofer installation services can do this. Your contractor will first inspect the ductwork to make sure there are no holes or damage that should be repaired by an HVAC contractor. If everything is in good shape, the contractor will then wrap the entire duct from entry point to exit point in foil-backed roll insulation.

Once the ducts are completely wrapped, no heating or cooling energy will be able to radiate from them. The result will be an attic that is easier to keep cool in the winter and a house that is simpler to cool in the summer.

If your attic has bare air ducts running through it, consider talking to a roofer installation service about having them insulated. The climate in your home will be easier to control and your roof will not suffer heat damage caused by a hot attic. Most roofers can take care of this for you in just a few hours. Once your air ducts are properly insulation by a roofer installation contractor, you should soon notice the benefits of lower utility bills!

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