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When looking for a qualified roofer company, most people know to look for online reviews on business directory websites. Reviews from previous customers concerning roofer repair services are a great source of information about a contractor and the quality of the service they provide.

Yet in order for you to get the most from the testimonials of various roofers, it is important for you to consider the pros and cons associated with online reviews so you can make the best judgment.

What Do All Those Positive Reviews Really Mean?

Naturally, any roofer companies on directory sites with many positive reviews from valid customers is going to attract your attention as a possible candidate. Public testimonials from previous customers who have already dealt with a contractor are one of the more reliable ways to verify that a service is reputable and does good work.

Still, there is more to think about than just a huge number of positive reviews, such as the following:

  • Contractor Workload - Many positive reviews suggest these roofer repair services come highly recommended, making them very popular in your community. This could mean a wait to get work scheduled. You will want to discuss the timeframe with these contractors if you call them to make sure they can complete the work you need in a reasonable amount of time. If you get an estimate, always discuss schedule availability and completion time so you are aware of how long a job could take.
  • Too Good to Be True? - Nobody is perfect or can please everyone. An occasional bad review is pretty normal for all contractors. If you see roofers with nothing but 5-star reviews on their website and other directory sites, should you be suspicious? Check the contractor’s rating with the Better Business Bureau, and research them on local consumer forums to see what is being said and make sure it corresponds with all those 5-star reviews.

What Do A Few Bad Reviews Mean?

Bad reviews can be just as important to read as the good reviews. Common sense surely tells you to stay away from roofer repair services with a track record of poor workmanship illustrated by a high number of poor reviews. Yet even the best contractors may have a few bad reviews.

Depending on the complaints and how they were handled, bad reviews may not necessarily mean you should discount a roofer company. Companies who follow up with these reviews publicly and make a concerted effort to fix any problems to make their customers happy are recommended, even if a mistake was made initially.

What If There Are Not Enough Reviews?

Large numbers of reviews can easily give you a good idea of whether to stay away from certain roofers or to look further into their services. Should you trust the reviews when there are only one or two, or possibly no reviews available? In these situations, if the reviews that do exist are at least positive, follow up with the contractor directly. Find out how long the service has been in business, ask for some local references to call, and check with the BBB.

When you are researching reviews of local roofer repair services, view them objectively. While customer reviews can be instrumental in helping you find a great contractor, there are also times when they might hinder you if you do not do a little more research. A few bad reviews should not automatically discount a roofer company, the same way that many top reviews should not be solely relied upon to make your choice.

Read what past customers say both good and bad, pay attention to how roofers respond, and do the extra research required to confirm that all the reviews you read present an accurate image of the contractor! 

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