The purchase of a newly built home is both an exciting and financially sound idea for many, since they are starting out with a brand new house that will hopefully have no problems. Buying new construction gives homeowners the chance to provide all necessary maintenance from the very first day, to ensure their home lasts for decades to come. Even though the roof is also brand new, experienced roofers offer suggestions for those who own new homes regarding the proper way to monitor and maintain their roofs, and to realize when a repair is necessary. To avoid unnecessary calls to a roofing company, and to ensure a full service life from a roof, homeowners should consider these important tips.

Have the Roof Inspected

When purchasing any home, even a brand new one, a home inspection is usually required by insurance and title companies, before the transaction can be completed. Yet not all inspections on brand new homes include a roof inspection. It is highly recommended that homeowners ensure the roof is also carefully inspected. This helps to make sure the roofing company has done their job, and there is no visible concern about the new roof, and how it was installed. This is the best time to examine a roof, before there is much of a chance for any damage to occur. It also allows the homeowner to have the security of knowing they are starting with a proverbial clean slate.

Should there be any problems with the installation, they can be addressed early on, before there is a chance for any damage to happen. If the home has already been purchased, but no roof inspection was done, homeowners should still have an inspection done by experienced roofers as soon as possible, in order to have the proper assessment of that brand new roof.

Ensure the Roof Is Guaranteed

Whether a local roofer honors the warranty directly, or the construction company that built the home is making that guarantee, make sure there is a warranty that covers both workmanship and materials, and ask how it will be honored. Problems can arise with any roof, even on a new home. Homeowners should find out how these problems will be addressed should there be any issues.

Learn About Roofing Options

Homeowners who are able to choose things, such as roofing material, as the home is being built are at an advantage since they can learn about the different roofing materials available, and choose the best material for their home. When having a new home built, it is important to learn about things such as: the types of shingles and other roofing available; attic and roof ventilation, and insulation; and, radiant barrier products, all of which can help make a roof more efficient, and cost homeowners less in monthly utility bills.

Learn Good Roof Maintenance

The best advice for owners of a new construction is to provide all necessary roof maintenance, have the roof regularly inspected by a knowledgeable roof company, and learn to look for potential roofing problems. By staying on top of things, and frequently checking for problems, homeowners can be proactive rather than reactive, and ensure their roof remains in great shape for as long as possible.

Even though a new roof should have many years of trouble-free time ahead, those who have purchased a new construction must still be diligent with maintenance and inspections by experienced roofers. These efforts, early on, will help to ensure that not only will buyers get what they paid for, but that their roof is preserved for a long service life. Discuss yearly inspections and roof care with a qualified roof company and avoid roofing troubles for years to come!

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