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It is not impossible to build your own home, although it may take a lot of time if you are not an experienced roofer and have little know-how about construction. Yet many people over the years have managed to lovingly build a house with their own hands, from the ground to the roof. There was even a recent story in the news about a woman and her children who built their own home over a period of a few years with the advice of a few engineers and architects.

When some people build their own homes, they choose to leave the roof to the pros. They would rather hire a roofer installation contractor to handle roof construction so their house can be completed. If you want to try building your own roof rather than hiring a roofing company to do it, below is information and some basic roof-building techniques that may come in handy.

Roof Pitch Systems

There are two systems that roofers commonly use today:  a stick frame or a truss frame. The stick frame uses ordinary/dimensional lumber in building the roof frame. The truss frame uses pre-built wood forms.

It does not matter which roofing system you choose to use; however, you do need to know about the roof’s pitch, which is the angle of the roof's frame. Pitch often depends on the height of a house as well as the climate where it will be built.

Creating The Roof’s Pitch

In order to create the pitch of a roof, roofers place a piece of wood or ridge beam along the entire length of the home. Rafters are then placed onto the second floor’s top plate before being joined to the ridge beam. The angle that results from this is known as the pitch.

During stick framing, roofers will put framework together piece by piece. During truss framing, the framework is placed all at one time by crane, as it is pre-built. A roofing company usually gets trusses pre-manufactured from a provider who makes sure everything is designed based on the blueprints and plans of your house and according to the roof’s pitch.

Choosing Roof Style

The actual roof style is up to you. You can choose a flat-pitched roof or a steep one. Be sure to keep in mind that a steeply pitched roof will allow you to have an attic space for storage, which is always a nice option to keep in mind.

Building your own house with a roof is never easy; however, with the proper knowledge and a little help, it can be done. Do not hesitate to reach out to a roofer installation contractor or a roofing company if you feel you should consult with experts for some good advice during this process!

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