The weather is still cold in some parts of the country, but in the warmer zones, hurricane season is right around the corner. Homeowners who live in these areas and deal with storms on a regular basis must always be concerned with ways to reduce damage to their homes, especially their roofs. There are many ways in which a proficient roofing company can help householders as they prepare to "weather the storm" during the upcoming hurricane time period. The options below offer some of the best ways homeowners can protect their homes efficiently and affordably, so they survive whatever Mother Nature has to throw at them this year.

Hurricane Season - Stay Aware and Be Prepared

Almost every year hurricanes hit the U.S., some of them catastrophic. States along the Atlantic coastline and the Gulf of Mexico, from Texas all the way up to New England, tend to see a much higher amount of these storms than in any other location. This means the residents of these areas must always be concerned with the likelihood of damaging hurricanes. The population in these states collectively number above 100 million residents, each of whom must understand that because they live along “hurricane alley," being aware of incoming hurricanes is essential for staying safe and protecting property.

Hurricane awareness must also lead to hurricane preparedness, with homeowners doing whatever necessary to protect their property from these storms. Even a weaker hurricane can rip the roof off a house, so all homes should be made as wind-resistant as possible. This means working with an experienced roofing services company to assess the condition of the roof, repair any existing damage or weakness, and then implement the recommended ways to keep roofs as secure as possible.

How to Hurricane-Proof A Roof

When cyclone and hurricane season arrive, homeowners must to do whatever possible to decrease wind damage, since high winds are the main cause of storm damage in hurricanes and tornados. Following are some of the necessary steps to take, with the help of a residential roofing company, to "hurricane proof" a roof:

  • Hurricane Roof Strapping - Hurricane strapping is made of clips or straps constructed of galvanized steel that fasten the roof structure to the walls and provides support in winds of up to 100 mph. Straps are nailed onto the ends of roof trusses, then to the top of the walls in an effort to prevent separation between the trusses and the house. They are more easily and effectively applied to new construction or when re-roofing, but it is possible to retrofit existing roofs to add hurricane clips.
  • Windproof Sheathing - Another way for homeowners to avoid massive wind damage is to ensure that roof sheathing has been properly installed. When correctly laid by a professional roofing company with waterproof barriers as necessary, solid roof sheathing that prevents wind from entering the roof structure even if shingles are lost is the main defense against catastrophic home damage. Once one section of sheathing comes up, the entire roof can be lost. The secret is solid and secure sheathing, mounted to strapped trusses.
  • Roof Roping - In some situations, homeowners can use an even more physical means of protecting their roofs by roping them down when a hurricane is expected. By creating concrete anchors around a home, then affixing ropes that pass over the roof to these anchors, it is possible to prevent winds from ripping the roof off a house. Similarly, in last effort situations, fish netting can help when attached to solid anchors to hold it in place.

Every homeowner faces different challenges when it comes to hurricanes due to location, construction type, and existing roofing materials.  They should discuss their options for roof protection with an experienced residential roofing company ahead of time. Putting forth this effort now, before being forced to face the inevitable unprepared, is the best way to protect homes, families, and valuable property from devastating hurricane damage over the years!

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