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When looking at the various materials available for roofing services to install on your home, you must consider the benefits that each offers. Besides the important qualities that can reduce any need for expensive roofing repairs, you should also consider energy efficiency and its effect on your utility bills. Choose the best system for your home and climate by having your roofing company install an efficient option for your needs and budget.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofing offers many positive features. One of the best things they provide is increased energy efficiency. Metal is very reflective, preventing UV rays from passing through and into the attic. It is naturally more reflective than many other materials installed by roofing services and recommended in areas where high temperatures are common.

Available in various colors including lighter shades that further improve reflectiveness, metal is durable, attractive, requires little roofing repair, and can help you keep your utility bills down.

Coated Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular and economical materials you can have installed by a roofing company. Yet standard shingles are not always as energy efficient and can absorb UV rays which can in turn heat up your home. Some manufacturers make energy-efficient shingles coated with additional granules to make shingles more reflective by reducing UV absorption.

These type of shingles cost a bit more than standard ones; however, they are more efficient, more so even than those with UV coatings applied after installation. They are also more weather resistant, frequently reducing the need for roofing repairs. Some may even qualify for energy-efficiency tax credits, making their installation more affordable.

Cool Roofs

The term "cool roofing" applies to a variety of energy-efficient systems that can be installed by roofing services today. They include: thermal-efficient ceramic and cement tile that holds heat without transferring it into the spaces below; systems that use more reflective white or light-colored materials; and green, living plant installations.

Green roofs such as rooftop gardens and grassy areas are especially energy-efficient, providing a great deal of insulation to prevent the passage of UV rays into the building below. While not suitable for all buildings, living green installations are becoming more common on apartment and corporate buildings.

Solar Shingles

Solar or photovoltaic shingles are yet another yet different option for improving energy efficiency when installed by an experienced roofing company. Even though solar shingles absorb UV rays, they prevent them from passing into the building below by converting them into renewable energy. Not only will you reduce utility bills, you may be able to reduce bills even more with the energy produced by your solar roofing.

If you live in an area where temperatures can really climb, it is important to think about energy-efficiency when deciding what type of system to purchase from local roofing services. Staying cool means choosing a system that offers high UV reflectiveness and absorbs as little UV energy as possible.

When installed by a skilled roofing company, a great roofing system should require minimal repairs and yet be energy efficient at the same time. Talk to your contractor today about the best options for your home!

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