A roof is only as worthy as its ability to protect what is underneath it, even in the worst weather conditions. This means that roofing must have not only the ability to stay on through bad weather incidents, but must also be as impact-resistant as possible. Those who live in regions frequently hit by heavy storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes are more subject to sustaining heavy damage, which begs the question, is the investment in impact-resistant roofing products actually worth the investment? There are a number of more advanced roofing materials available for installation by any experienced roofing company, but do they actually help?

Roof Impact Damage - How Does It Happen?

In storms where winds can reach 70 mph or more, a main concern for homeowners is whether or not their roof will stay put, but this should not be their only concern. Strong winds can very easily cause objects to hit a roof at a high speed, causing damage on impact. Broken tree branches and limbs are some of the more common things that hit roofs, but dramatic impact damage is commonly caused by large hail and other objects as well.

Hail is a major concern as it strikes shingles hard and fast, often denting, cracking, or breaking them, although this type of roofing damage is frequently not visible to the naked eye. After a few hail storms, or being hit by propelled objects, damaged shingles become much more susceptible to tearing, or being blown off by heavy winds, leaving the roof layers beneath exposed, meaning even more possible damage.

What Are Impact-Resistant Roofs?

To protect against the types of damage mentioned above, there are recent advances in durable roofing materials, with many products now designed to withstand not only wind, when correctly applied by a experienced roofing company, but impacts as well. Although there is nothing that will prevent a sizable enough limb from going through a roof, these tougher, more flexible materials do protect considerably against damage caused by smaller branches, and more importantly, against hail damage. Shingles that are more resilient to the denting and cracking caused by hail protect better, and prevent both immediate and eventual damage caused by impact.

Are Impact-Resistant Roofs Worth the Extra Money?

Naturally, because impact-resistant roofing material is made to be much more durable than standard shingles, it costs more. Yet consumers have to wonder if it is worth the extra investment over standard shingles, considering how expensive a roof installation can be in the first place? For homes in areas where storms are prevalent, the answer is yes, and for more than the obvious reasons, too.

Stronger roofing material can withstand more abuse from storms than any standard shingles, but there is also an added insurance benefit to installing an impact-resistant roof. Homeowners in areas that see high amounts of roof damage also typically have higher home insurance rates because of this. An impact-resistant roof can actually help keep home premiums lower to start with, but can continue to be lower even if the roof actually sustains damage. Insurance companies give much more consideration to owners who recognize the fact that they are in a high-damage area and take steps to minimize the damage their home might sustain. Insurance premiums are also less likely to go up after a claim if damage occurs with an impact-resistant roof in place.

Every insurance company is different, and homeowners should discuss this issue specifically with their own insurance agent, but the general consensus seems to be that springing for the better roofing material initially, saves costs all around. This type of roofing installation reduces the chance of storm damage due to impact, and has the added potential of reducing the cost of insurance over the life of the roof, which more than makes up the difference in the additional costs. For the safest, most durable roof, discuss an impact-resistant roof with an experienced roofing company today, and weather out the next storm in confidence!

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