Just as there are trends in fashion, cars, as well as interior home design and decor, roofing trends develop over time as well.

Roofing companies see demands for certain materials and visual styles come and go, even if it happens more slowly and this year will be no different.

If you are thinking that it’s finally time for that new roof your house needs, check out some of the popular trends that roofing services are seeing today.

Heading into 2019, the biggest trend seems to be eco-friendly materials that save the environment as well as your energy bill.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

With a rising awareness of global warming and how we are all affecting the earth, there has been a push these past few years toward the development of roofing materials that use recycled or recyclable materials, reduce heating and cooling bills, and do not create as much waste.

Some of the most popular options that roofers see being chosen in the current market include:

Solar Roofs - The big, ugly solar panels of the past are long gone with the development of more aesthetically pleasing solar materials that are more energy efficient than before.

Roofing companies can now install beautiful solar shingles that look attractive while harnessing sun power that can reduce your energy consumption.

Cool and Green Roofs - Cool roofs are light-colored or coated panels or shingles of various materials that reflect the sun’s UV rays that make it easier to keep a home cool.

Green roofs are those that are living, reduce energy use through their insulation properties, and make good use of rainwater to grow things.

Slate, Cement, and Tile Roofs - Though these materials may be very different looks-wise, they share two important qualities: energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

All three materials absorb heat without transferring it into the house, making them very energy efficient.

In addition, all three options are made of natural materials and can be safely disposed of without causing any harm to the environment.

Designer Shingles and Metal

Although shingle and metal roofing has been around for a long time, the materials available today to roofing services are nothing like those of the past.

Both metal and shingle designer materials have grown exponentially in popularity, making them one of the favorite choices heading into the new year:

Designer Dimensional Shingles

Asphalt shingles have never looked better designer dimensional shingles offer you the ability to install wood, slate, and other eye-catching asphalt shingles made of more expensive materials shaped to look like them.

With the number of shape and color options now available as well as new styles coming out each year, dimensional shingles have become the favored option of many homeowners.

Designer Metal Shingles and Panels

Metal has also come a long way. What used to be available only in unattractive, plain panels is now created in more attractive styles such as standing seam and various types of shingles.

Pressed into shapes that mimic other materials, metal is also both environmentally friendly and energy efficient as well as extremely long lasting for the investment.

Ready for That New Roof in 2019?

If the time has come and you’re going to invest in a new roofing installation in 2019, start looking at your roofing options today and discussing it with your roofing company.

There are now some amazing and beautiful products that will make your home more attractive, more energy efficient, and more environmentally friendly when professionally installed by a skilled roofing service!

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