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Roofing maintenance is just like any other kind of maintenance; if you ignore it long enough, problems will eventually arise. Keeping your roof in great shape means yearly upkeep, which includes routine inspections by a qualified roofing contractor. Fortunately, caring for your structure is not really all that difficult. With the help of skilled roofing services, you can handle these maintenance tasks and expect a long service life from your roof.

Yearly Inspections

The first step in providing necessary roofing maintenance is having your roof inspected once every year or two by an experienced roofing contractor. Professional inspections are critical for making sure your roof is aging properly and no repairs are needed. Contractors know where to look for specific issues and can gauge how your structure is weathering.

Contractors will also inspect your attic to determine whether there is enough ventilation to prevent damage to your shingles and see if you need more vents installed. Frequent inspections to detect problems as they are developing are the best form of pro-active maintenance you can provide.

Semi-Annual Gutter Cleaning

Clean and functional gutters are essential for protecting your roof. To keep them functioning properly, most roofing services recommend a semi-annual cleaning. The best time to clean eave troughs is in the spring and again in late fall, after the leaves have fallen off the trees.

Remove all leaves, twigs, and other debris that has collected and test the gutters to ensure that water is draining directly into the downspout. While you are up on the ladder, you can also inspect gutters and hardware for any damage that needs to be repaired. Keeping your gutters clean and in good working condition will prevent many problems that could cause extensive damage to your roof.

Regular Tree Trimming

One often overlooked part of roofing maintenance is taking care of the trees around your house. Protect your structure by having an arborist or qualified roofing contractor trim back any branches that touch or hang closely over your roof. Seasonal pruning is not only healthy for the trees, it prevents branches from scraping shingles, roof penetration, or making any other damage.

Another benefit is fewer leaves that fall onto your roof. Leaves can clog gutters and promote mold growth, rotting if they lay wet on top of the shingles.

Prompt Repairs

Good maintenance that includes frequent personal inspections of your roof means you will be alerted to any damage when it happens. You can make arrangements for roofing services to make repairs before the damage becomes more extensive. Prompt repairs are critical for keeping your structure sound and serviceable so that it lasts as long as suggested by the manufacturer.

If you own a home, consider roofing maintenance as an important part of total home maintenance. Find a local roofing contractor who will perform a yearly professional inspection and be sure to keep up with gutters, trees, and any other tasks specific to your structure. These essential roofing services will reduce the problems you may encounter and help your roof last as long or longer than intended!

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