A convenient thing about metal roofs is that they can be easily painted, either by you or by a roofing service, should the existing coating of paint start to wear out or look dull.

Numerous metal installations can use a new coat of paint every now and then as part of regular roofing maintenance and fortunately painting a metal roof is not that hard to do.

If you plan on painting your structure yourself as opposed to hiring a roofing repair company to do it, pay attention to these tips and avoid disastrous mistakes that can ruin the whole job.

Mistake #1 - Not Preparing the Metal First

Before you can put a new coat of paint on your existing installation, roofing services stress the importance of preparing the metal to take paint so the paint will stay on.

Avoid painting over old existing paint that’s flaking off or any rusted areas without preparing them first.

Scrape and sand flaky and rusty areas, then wash the surface with a power washer and mild soap to get off any dirt or residue.

Once the roof has completely dry for a few hours, you can begin the sealing and painting process.

Mistake #2 - Not Using A Sealant or Primer

A sealant for metal roofs is essential to reduce corrosion and keep the metal in top condition so it lasts as long as it should without the need for roofing repairs.

The sealant will also help the paint adhere to the metal more completely by creating a chemical bond so it doesn’t flake off after a short time.

If you skip the sealant or primer, you’ll be repainting again in a short time when the paint starts flaking off and looking unsightly.

Mistake #3 - Not Using the Right Paint

Like anything else you might paint, your roof requires a special kind of paint so it looks its best and the paint protects the metal and reduces roofing maintenance needs.

The last thing you should do is use leftover house paint to make your roof match the siding or to save money.

The results you get will be disastrous and you will most likely be calling your roofing service to remove it so you can repaint it sooner than expected.

There are a number of paints available specifically for metal roofing that have different qualities, from extra water resistance and heat resistance to high reflectiveness for energy efficiency and more.

Choose the right paint for the desired results.

Mistake #4 - Not Using the Right Application Method

For your metal roof to come out looking its best, it’s essential you choose the appropriate application method.

If you’re painting metal shingles, use a paintbrush to get all the little spaces and shingles.

Use a roller designed for panels for a corrugated installation and a regular paint roller for standing seam panels.

For all types of metal, you can also use an airless paint sprayer to apply a clean, even coating of paint that will look really good.

A sprayer will also get the job done in a fraction of the time and use less paint as well.

Mistake #5 - Not Maintaining Your Painted Roof

A good coat of primer and paint will protect your metal installation for many years; however, to get maximum paint were you must include good roofing maintenance.

Periodically clean the roof with a mild cleaning solution using a soft brush or a gentle pressure washer.

In addition, keep leaves and vegetation from collecting and rotting on the surface as this can promote rusting.

Reseal and repaint over any dings or scratches that go through the paint to prevent corrosion.

Avoid These Mistakes and Metal Roof Painting Disasters

If you are handy at home and can safely climb up on your roof, you can use these tips and DIY to get your installation looking its best.

Fortunately, just metal roofing services will also take care of the painting so you don’t have to worry about the work or safety concerns.

Either way, keep your metal installation looking good and free of corrosion that could require roofing repair with a fresh coat of protective and attractive metal paint!

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