Finding a leak in the roof, or experiencing some other kind of roof damage, requires a call for services from a roofer to get the problem repaired. Unfortunately, getting roofing repairs done could mean a bit of a wait, since experienced roofers are in high demand and can be very busy. What should someone do in the meantime? By using the following tips, homeowners can temporarily handle their roofing emergency and keep the problem from getting worse, until a contractor from a roofing company can get there to make the roofing repair.

Always Be Safe

Before attempting any patch or temporary roof repair, homeowners must always ensure it is safe to do so, avoiding circumstances that could cause injury. It is not recommended that homeowners go up onto their roofs unless they have experience in doing so. Those working on the roof or in the attic should always be aware of the dangers, including electrical wires, which should be turned off at the breaker box.

Reduce Water Damage

First and foremost, try to contain the water leaking into the home so that it does not spread, creating more damage. Catch water in containers or try to divert the water. Protect personal items, walls, and floors until roofer services can make necessary repairs.

Locate the Leak

After a leak is detected, try to locate its source by inspecting the roof both outside and inside, if possible. Remember that water coming in is not always even close to where the actual leak is, since water travels along beams and walls. Look for evidence of moisture or holes letting daylight through in the attic as well as missing shingles, flashing, and penetrating debris from the outside.

Temporarily Patch the Leak

If the source of the leak is located, apply a patch or some other temporary means for keeping water out. Duct tape over small holes or bolt plywood over larger damage. Covering damaged areas with tarps that can be either bolted or tied into place can help as well. Tarps are especially useful to have on hand, even if the exact location of the leak is not known. Since they can be spread over large areas of the roof where the leak is suspected, this may be much easier and effective than searching for a small hole, or other damage that might be harder to detect.

Call A Roofer

Since many times it is impossible for a homeowner to safely locate or patch a leak or other roof damage, calling a roofer is important. Even though they may not be able to make an actual repair to the roof for a few days, most can come to the home and apply a patch or temporary covering to protect the area of damage, until they can make the full repair. Rather than risk injury, this is a better option for homeowners who cannot patch the roof on their own.

Roofing emergencies, such as leaks and other damage, are never convenient; acting fast is important. Regrettably, sometimes there is a wait for a roofing repair company to get there, meaning some type of temporary services are necessary. By containing leaking water and attempting to locate its source, homeowners can temporarily patch their leaks until roofer services can arrive!

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