There are many options available in roofing shingles today, giving homeowners the choice of different energy saving and visual effects. Deciding on a roof for a standard home requires considerable thought and planning, which only doubles when roofing a duplex or twin home. Owners that share a roof line with their neighbors must think carefully about what roof services they perform on their half of the building. Since any work performed by a residential roof company affects their neighbors as well, homeowners should choose shingle styles and colors carefully.

Roofing Duplex and Twin Townhomes

A duplex or twin house is basically two townhouses that share one wall, making it a two-residence structure. These buildings share the same roof, one continuous roof over both halves. They usually have matching roofs, although some homeowners do install different roofs to have a specific shingle style or color. Deviating from the standard can cause neighbor problems. In either case, homeowners of duplexes or twin townhouses must include their neighbors in the decision-making process out of courtesy and to preserve the appearance of a whole structure.

Do Duplex Roofs Have to Be The Same?

Unless there is some local ordinance or HOA requiring such duplicity, each half of a duplex is owned by someone else who may want to do as they please with the look of their roof. In some neighborhoods, different roofs and exteriors might be an accepted treatment; in others, uniformity may be expected. Homeowners should do what is acceptable according to the above or understand that their home will stand out from others and might annoy their neighbors.

A better way to handle things might be to discuss the options with the owner of the attached home. Chances are, if one side needs a roof then so does the other. Working together, homeowners can usually get a lower price from a residential roof company to replaces the whole roof rather than one  half at a different time. It is always better to reach an agreement as to the roofing services that will be done regarding roof color or shingle style.

Consider Color, Texture, and Type

Whether working in conjunction with neighbors or not, duplex owners must consider shingle color, style, material, and texture just like any other home. Some shingle colors and styles look better on certain roof types, so choose wisely according to the rest of the house. If looking at roofing services to change just one side of conjoining town house roofs, make a selection that works well for the individual unit and complements the other side. Duplexes can still look attractive with different exterior and roofing styles as long as those styles fit from a design standpoint.

The main point is that while connected roofs do present a bit of a challenge when one homeowner needs a new roof on their side of the structure, there are attractive options. For ideas on choosing the best looking and functioning shingles for a single roof or for the whole building, discuss current choices in roofing shingles with an experienced residential roof company. When investing in roof services, either together with the neighbor or individually for a different roof, duplexes and twins can still look great with the right high quality, shingled roof!

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