A good roof is made from many different parts, all of which play an important role in protecting the building it covers. Some of these parts are obvious, such as shingles and roof panels; while others like fascia are not so well known. The fascia on a roof plays a very critical role in keeping the roof in its best condition. To keep it in good shape, homeowners must inspect it periodically and arrange for roofing repair services with an experienced roof contractor when signs of trouble arise.

What is Fascia and Where Is It Located?

The fascia on a house is the vertical area directly below the edge of a roof, where the end of the roof trusses meet the walls. Fascia is a vertical board that runs across the ends of the trusses, closing off trusses and the edge of the roof. The fascia board can be seen extending under the edges of a roof, all around a building. Underneath the fascia is the soffit, which creates a bottom closure for the fascia. Although fascia board is usually made of wood; because this area is susceptible to water damage, it can also be found in other, more durable materials such as vinyl, plastic, and metal.

What Does Roof Fascia Do?

The main purpose that fascia board plays is to seal off the interior spaces of the roof to prevent moisture from getting in, which could affect the entire roof and cause the need for repairs to the roof. Fascia, combined with soffit, close off the overhang left by the roof, protecting both the underside of the roof, and the inside of the building. Fascia board also provides a sturdy place from which to attach and hang roof gutters.

Preventing Damage to Fascia

Roofing contractors maintain that fascia must be protected. It should be painted with a high quality exterior paint and kept from constant exposure to water by keeping gutters clear and installing a drip edge to the top of the fascia. A drip edge is an L-shaped strip of metal that attaches to the fascia and rides up under the edge of the shingles, diverting water away so it drips off the drip edge rather than rolling down the fascia. A drip edge is part of a standard roofing installation; failure to install this small protection could end up costing a homeowner premature roof damage or failure.

The fascia on a roof plays a critical role in keeping the roof sealed from the elements and preventing serious moisture damage. Protecting the fascia requires regular attention from homeowners and timely roofing repair services should any water damage be noticed. Above all, homeowners should always work with an experienced roofing contractor who will look for this type of damage and repair it before installing a new roof, since the longevity of that roof depends on the fascia doing its job!

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