A wood roof is an attractive roofing option for many homeowners, offering great style along with years of service. Yet wood roofs do require some maintenance to keep them in their best condition, in order for homeowners to get that full service life. Whether the roof just needs routine cleaning, or some kind of repair, roofing services provided by an experienced residential and commercial roofing repair company are important to keep an expensive wood roof performing its best.

Keep Wood Roofs Clean

Although wood roof shakes and shingles are typically made of durable, insect-resistant woods, such as cedar; preserving a wood roof starts with keeping it clean. Periodically, it is essential to clear roofs of any debris that has fallen onto it, especially leaves in the fall. Special attention should be paid to roof valleys, around chimneys, vents, exhausts and other structures that pass through the roof. Material lying on the shingles prevents them from drying out, which promotes decay and the growth of wood-rotting organisms like moss, mold, fungus, and more. A healthy wood roof must have the ability to dry out, or it will prematurely decompose, and require a roof repair or replacement much sooner.

Keep Trees Trimmed Back

Keeping trees pruned away from the roof is especially important with a wood roof, as not only do trees drop leaves, but they can also impede airflow around the roof, slowing the drying of shingles. Branches that hang over a wood roof and brush against shingles will cause damage over time, destroying the surface and inviting decay.

Keep Gutters Clear

Gutter cleaning is another essential home maintenance task that helps keep a wood roof in its best condition. When gutters become clogged, water can overflow, sometimes to the point of submerging the ends of a roof. Wood shingles exposed to this issue soak up water from their ends and swell up, loosening their hold on the roof. As already mentioned, wood shingles that are not able to dry out can rot sooner and grow wood-rotting organisms, further adding to the problem. Gutter cleaning done a few times a year, whether by the homeowner or a company providing roofing services, helps prevent the premature rotting of wood roofs.

Wash and Treat Wood Roofs

In drier areas, washing a wood roof or treating shingles with preservatives, may not be necessary as long as they are kept clear of the debris that can encourage decay and organism growth. In areas where roofs tend to stay damp, or where there is moss, mold, or other types of growth, the roof should be cleaned by an experienced roofing services company. It should then be checked for any damage like loose, cracking, or curling shingles so roofing repairs can be made. Washing is generally done with a mild cleaning solution and a broom, or with a pressure washer. Also, there are a number of wood treatments available that can be used on this type of roof, to help retard decay and keep them weatherproof for many years. Wood treatments can extend the life of a wood roof by about double when applied properly.

Wood roofs are beautiful and long lasting when they are well-maintained. They are also expensive in comparison to other types of roofs, making good maintenance that much more essential. To prevent premature rotting and other damage to a wood roof, homeowners should enlist the help of an experienced company who provides roofing services. Regular cleaning and timely repairs, done by a good residential and commercial roofing repair company, promise the longest life from any wood roof!

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