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Roofs come in many shapes and styles depending on the building they cover. Although many might automatically think of a standard pitched gable roof when mentioning the word, there are actually many different, specific shapes that roofers can construct according to need, and the architecture of the building the roof covers. Today, roofers refer to a generally understood selection of roof shapes when discussing roofs. Homeowners interested in a different, more efficient or aesthetically pleasing roof for their home should discuss the possibilities with experienced roofing services.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are roofs constructed with only one angle that covers the entire structure. Although there is a slight slope of a few degrees to allow for water drainage, this slope is generally not visible, giving the look of a completely flat roof. Flat roofs are used mainly on larger buildings since they alleviate some of the problems encountered roofing larger areas that make most types of pitched roofs unsuitable. They are also popular on storage buildings and sheds, as well as over buildings in more urban areas where duplexes, row houses, and adjoining buildings are common.

Pitched Roofs

Most homes today have some sort of a pitched roof. Pitched roofs are those constructed with an angle, as opposed to being flat. Pitched roofs are divided into two separate categories: single-pitched roofs and multi-pitched roofs. Single-pitched roofs are those that possess only one angle, like a lean-to roof or a skillion roof. Multi-pitched roofs have more than one angle and come together at the top to form some sort of a ridge or point.

There are many types and styles of multi-pitched roofs. Some are very common, and well recognized by roofers everywhere; a few are not so common and considered more specialized. Common multi-pitched roofs that most roofing services can install include: gable and cross-gable roofs in their many styles and variations, a-frames, hipped and half-hipped roofs, saltbox, gambrel, pyramid, bonnet and mansard roofs, are more well-known styles.

Some lesser-common multi-pitched roofs are bow roofs, butterfly roofs, various types of arched roofs, barrel roofs, clerestory roofs and many types of more ornate and decorative pitched roofs used in different Asian and eastern architecture.

Circular Roofs

Circular roofs are a lesser-known roof shape, but they are unique and highly attractive. Suitable for towers and circular buildings, they have also been adapted to non-circular buildings as well, creating great building character. The most commonly recognized circular roofs are conical roofs and bell roofs, which can even be seen on some residential architecture covering towers and turrets.

Other, more ornamental and impressive types of circular roofs include the many styles of domed roofs that are popular on public buildings, churches, and other impressive structures, and onion-domed roofs, such as those seen on many important Russian and Indian buildings, churches and towers.  

Saddle Roofs

A saddle roof is one that uses a convex curve on one axis and a converse curve on the other, giving the look of a saddle on a horse. These are most commonly used for large buildings like enclosed stadiums and arenas, saddle roofs are very modern-looking, while providing a number of architectural benefits when roofing over a large expanse. Hyperbolic roofs, which are sometimes used on smaller structures like homes, are essentially saddle roofs that are constructed using straight angles rather than curves.

Most of home architecture includes some kind of flat or pitched roof, as these are the most functional and easily built by roofers and contractors. Homeowners looking for a truly unique way to roof their house might consider one of these other, more interesting roof shapes. To learn more about creative roofs, and how to add some real character to a house, contact roofing services experienced in specialty roofs like the ones mentioned above!

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