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A popular option for many commercial buildings, corrugated metal roofs can be an exceptional choice. Corrugated metal roofs, while they may not be as desirable for installation by a residential roofing company, offer many great advantages in the right commercial applications. Strong, with a long life expectancy, a corrugated roof installed by an experienced commercial roofing company is one that any commercial building owner should consider.

Designed to Be Durable

Metal is known to be one of the most durable roofing materials available today that is suitable for larger buildings. When properly installed and secured by a commercial roofing company, corrugated metal roofs can withstand rain and hail, snow and ice, wind and fire, and the destructive effects of the sun’s rays. Lasting as long as 60 years or more when well maintained, corrugated roofs are also highly corrosion resistant while requiring minimal maintenance. These qualities make corrugated roofs a preferred choice for installations on larger buildings like warehouses, livestock buildings, and other buildings, especially those with, clear spans.

Low Roof Maintenance Requirements

Categorized by the thickness of the metal sheets, corrugated roofing should live well up to and beyond its life expectancy when correctly installed and maintained. The only maintenance typically required is periodic coating with a rust protectant and UV coating. Available in different colors, today there are many different protective coatings that are recommended for corrugated roofs to protect roofs and offer the most in thermal-efficiency.

Easy Roof Installation

In comparison to other roofs, including other metal roofs, corrugated metal is by far one of the easiest roofs to have installed by a commercial roofing company. Made of shaped metal sheets constructed from galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel, roofing panels are affixed using external fasteners, then trimmed to fit. Corrugated roofing is an easy installation that can be completed in half the time or less compared to many other roofs.  

A Cost-Effective Roofing Option

Corrugated metal roofs are affordable considering how long they last, another plus when roofing a larger commercial building. Although the initial installation might cost more than a shingle or other type roof, the longer lifespan of a metal roof makes it more efficient over the life of the roof. Corrugated metal can outlast most other types of roofs when well maintained, saving on roofing costs over time. Metal roofs in general also offer increased energy efficiency since they reflect more heat than they absorb. For larger buildings, or in warmer climates, this is an important quality for keeping buildings cooler, most efficiently. Properly installed and maintained, corrugated roofs are also attractive and clean looking, adding to the aesthetic look of larger buildings.

Based on these important benefits, it is easy to see how corrugated metal roofs are a preferred choice by many commercial building owners. They are long-lived, durable and low maintenance while being energy-efficient and cost-effective on the right buildings. Interestingly, there has even been an increased demand for corrugated roofs installed by a residential roofing company, although the greatest demand is for commercial use. To learn more about corrugated roofs and their many benefits, building owners can contact a commercial roofing company today to discuss their needs.

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