Just by looking around, you will probably realize that your roof isn’t made up only of shingles or whatever roofing material you’ve chosen; you will most likely see flashing and of course vent pipes.

When it comes to your roof, vent pipes are one of the unsung heroes. Why?

This is because these pipes help ventilate roofs and attic spaces, preventing heat from accumulating and moisture from causing damage.

Sometimes you might find that your roof is leaking around the vent pipes.

Don't worry, although you will need to hire roof services to come and repair the roof, chances are that leaking around vent pipes is not symptomatic of a worse problem.

Fortunately, most of the time all this leaking means is that you need to replace damaged flashing around the pipe.

Some homeowners might see this leak coming from their roofs and wonder why they even need those pipes to begin with.

After consulting with experienced roof services, let’s talk about vent pipes, why roofs need them, and what to do when you spring a leak around them.

What Are Vent Pipes?

It is easy to assume that any disruptions in the continuous surface of most roofs can become points of weakness which can cause issues in the integrity of the roof itself.

Ideally, we want to keep our roofs as uninterrupted as possible; however, that simply isn’t possible.

Roof services advise that vent pipes on your roof ensure that your home’s HVAC system works optimally as well as helps to keep your roof and your attic well ventilated plus furnaces usually require a flue vent going through the roof.

Plumbing vent pipes are needed to keep water moving throughout your house and allow a way out for gases that also accumulate.

What To Do About Leaks Any Roof Protrusions

Your roof’s ventilation pipes are usually protected by plastic pipe boots and neoprene gaskets.

When you call for roof repair if a leak is discovered, roofers will check those first to ensure that the issue isn’t the gasket.

If your roof is a bit on the older side, then roof services may need to replace the old-fashioned fixtures made of lead or copper with a plastic pipe boot.

Unfortunately, while plastic material is inexpensive and convenient to install, you may need roof repair more often since plastic isn’t as durable or resilient as other materials like metal.

What About Flashing?

Flashing is another area of concern that may need inspection by roof services.

If the flashing on your roof has any issues at all, water may come through around the ventilation pipes, causing the leaks you are dealing with now.

The best way to make sure that everything will be properly fixed is to call experienced roofers as they will know what to look for and how to fix it.

Fix Roof Leaks While Small!

Fortunately, these roof leaks are often small to start with and as such, they are easier to control.

No matter what the cause, leaky roofs are a problem and roof services should be called as soon as possible.

Otherwise, what would have been a simple roof repair can turn into a much larger roofing issue before you know it!

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