There are many different choices of roofing material to consider today when having a new roof put on a home. Yet some choices are more cost-effective than others, especially in terms of energy efficiency in a variety of geographical regions. When hiring a local roofing repair company to replace a roof, it is good to have a basic understanding of the available roofing materials, and which ones are most recommended in the different climate regions for the best efficiency and durability.

Efficiency, Durability, Appearance, and Cost

Efficiency and durability are the two main concerns that any homeowner must have when choosing a new roof. Therefore, a good, effective roof should be able to withstand local weather conditions, as well as reduce the amount of heat absorbed, to keep cooling bills as low as possible. For these reasons, the best roofing materials will differ based on location. Roofing style, aesthetic appearance, and cost must then be figured in as well. Finding roofing materials that meet as many requirements, as cost-effectively as possible, remains the main challenge.

Different Qualities for Different Materials

There are three main types of roofs that roofing repair and installation companies use, as follows. Each one of these materials provides certain properties that are useful in different geographical and weather regions:

  • Asphalt Shingles - These shingles are highly durable in extreme weather and available in various storm-resistant types. They are suitable for a variety of regions. They provide a good degree of thermal reflectiveness, making them fairly efficient for most homes. Shingles range in price, but are generally the least expensive type of roofing material for initial installation. Yet with a lifespan of 20 to 50 years, they need to be replaced more often than other roofs.
  • Clay or Ceramic - Clay tile is highly thermo-efficient in hot weather, and a popular choice where heat is the main extreme. Made from natural clay, which has been used for thousands of years because of its ability to repel heat, clay tile roofs can be expensive initially, but are extremely long-lasting, and pay for themselves in lowered cooling costs in hot climates. Clay is also flame retardant, and a favored choice where wildfires are common since flying embers will not ignite a clay roof. Clay is not appropriate where bad storms and heavy winds are normal, as these tiles are quite breakable and do not withstand things like hail, flying debris, or extreme winds. Clay is the most expensive roofing material commonly used in roofing repairs and installations, but is extremely long-lived, sometimes lasting 100 years or more.
  • Metal - Metal sheet roofs are also a great choice for hot and sunny areas as they are highly reflective, and prevent UV rays from heating up a home. It is not always the best choice in areas that also get a lot of snow, since snow can actually freeze to the roof surface and pull down panels. When metal is preferred for its cooling properties in summer, but there is also snow in the winter, professional installation by a good roofing repair and installation company is critical to ensure panels are equipped with the right fasteners. Darker colors, which encourage solar thaw, are also recommended. Metal roofs cost more than shingles but less than clay, making them a good financial investment as long as the concern of winter thaw is properly addressed.

As illustrated above, each of the different materials used for roofing today have their pros and cons in different applications. In areas where multiple types of materials are appropriate, it is important to discuss options with a reputable roofing repair and installation company in terms of cost, replacement factor, and local weather patterns, in order to choose the right one. By weighing which aspect - durability, efficiency, or appearance - is most important, homeowners can choose the best roof for their home!

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