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If you are looking for a great way to give your house character, hiring a roof company to install dormers could be a great option. Dormers are architectural, eye-opening additions that protrude from roofs, adding aesthetic beauty to an otherwise plain surface.

When installed by skilled roof services, some dormers can add light or headspace to an otherwise dark or unused attic space. By selecting the right type and style of dormer, your house will look great and stand out from nearby similar-looking homes.

The 5 Basic Dormer Styles

There are 5 main dormer styles that can be installed by a roof company on almost any type of home architecture:

  • Gabled - This is a dormer built with a standard, two-sided pitched top like any gabled roof. Naturally, these look best on houses with gabled roofs.
  • Hipped - This is similar to the gabled dormer, with three sides at the top instead of two and either a pitched or flat top. They are commonly seen on homes with different styles of hipped, gabled, and foursquare architecture as well as various other pitched architectural styles.
  • Shed - These are longer, functional dormers that often contain multiple windows and are a common solution for adding usable headspace to the top floor of a house with pitched architecture.  
  • Eyebrow - These are small and mostly decorative dormers that look like eyes and eyebrows installed on the roof. These are a very characteristic dormer that can be installed by roof services.
  • Arched or Segmental - This is a dormer with an arched or curved top. Arched dormers look wonderful on almost any home type when they are designed in a matching architectural style.

Unique and Decorative Dormer Variations

Although most homes have simple dormers designed to match the roofs they are built on, there are also a number of unique and interesting variations that your roof company can install for you:

  • Flared Gable - As a variation on the standard gable dormer, the flared gable has sides that extend beyond the walls of the dormer, frequently in a decorative curve or flare. These are common on Tudors and other European home designs.
  • Pedimented - This is another type of dormer built using a basic gabled design; however, it is decorated with more ornate woodwork and trim common on classical architecture. These dormers frequently have decorative scrollwork and usually a pair of pillars holding up the ends of the pitches.
  • Pyramidal - These are dormers that extend far enough from the main roof to accommodate 4-sided pyramid roofs. They are most commonly installed at the top of the house to increase the amount of light that enters. Experienced roof services can install a pyramidal dormer as a more functional and attractive solution to adding skylights.
  • Polygon - The polygon has the basic style of a gabled dormer but is modified to include more than four pitches. It is used around the top of a circular roof or to give the appearance of small turrets extending from the top of the house.
  • Recessed - This is a style of dormer set back into the roof structure as opposed to extending from it. Recessed dormers are used to create an opening in the top of the house to add a recessed balcony.
  • Wall - Wall dormers look similar to shed dormers but are positioned differently on the house. They rise up from the front wall of the house and angle back to meet the roof surface, as opposed to extending from the pitched surface.

As you can see, there are many options to choose from when deciding to add dormers to roofs. If this idea appeals to you, contact an experienced roof company to look at your house and advise the type and style of dormers that will look best. When roof services have finished the job, your home will be transformed into a more beautiful and characteristic version of itself!

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