If you’re pretty handy around the house, you may wonder whether you can tackle roofing repairs your house may need on your own. Fixing roofs does look easy enough, doesn’t it?

It couldn’t be that hard, especially if it’s a small problem, right?

The truth is, fixing your roof can be a lot more involved than you may think it is. Without the right repair, you run the risk of causing worse damage than what you started out with.

There are other problems you could encounter as well. Before you opt to skip the professional roofers and try to DIY, consider this important advice.

1. Fixing Roofs Is Dangerous

No matter how good you are at climbing and keeping your balance, being on the top of your house is extremely dangerous.

That alone should be the main reason to avoid DIY roofing repairs and hire a professional instead who have the ladders, equipment, and experience to get the work done safely with a much lower risk of anyone getting hurt.

2. Making Correct Roofing Repairs Requires Knowledge and Experience

As easy as it looks, there’s a lot more to repairing roofs than just taking off a few damaged shingles and putting on some new ones.

Good roofing involves the knowledge of and experience with specific installation and repair techniques that will make certain your roof is good as new after the repair.

To do it correctly, roofers may need to repair or replace more than just the external materials.

Fixing damage to decking, underlayment, or other components can be more than a well-meaning DIY-er can easily repair on their own.

3. Roofers Use Specialty Equipment and Supplies

Beyond the ladders and safety equipment, your roofing contractor uses specialty equipment to make repairs to roofs.

From getting the damaged material off without causing more damage to properly setting the nails in the new shingles, this should all be performed with the right equipment to ensure the best workmanship.

Even something as simple as using a regular hammer to put in roofing nails could result in damage to brand new shingles if the hammer is used incorrectly.

The right adhesives and sealants are also important to ensure a durable repair.

4. Repairs Are Useless If the Source Is Not Found

Another important point concerning roofing repairs is that the effort is wasted unless the source of the problem is first located.

This can be much easier said than done, especially with regard to leaks and ventilation issues.

Covering up deeper damage and its cause leaves your installation susceptible to ongoing, more extensive damage that can eventually result in major problems that require extensive, costly professional repairs.

5. It Could End Up Costing More in the Long Run

Last of all, as much as DIY tends to be about saving money, the chance is high that you’ll actually end up spending more on your repairs than you would if you hired professional roofers to do it.

Between the special supplies and equipment you may have to buy, the potential for getting hurt, and the likelihood that you may not have the skill or knowledge to make a complete and accurate repair, you probably won’t save much at all.

When the problem resurfaces or worse yet progresses, the cost of these more extensive repairs will far outweigh any savings you initially had by choosing to DIY.

The Bottom Line

There are lots of great DIY projects that you can do around your home to save money and enjoy trying your hand at different home maintenance and repair jobs.

Practically speaking, doing your own roofing repair should not be among them. Fixing roofs requires special training to make sure it’s done right and prevent other problems.

Contact skilled roofers to handle any roofing repairs you may need so you get the best results!

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