A sound, waterproof roof is essential for the protection of the home or building it covers. When things begin to go wrong, this is a sign that roof repair or even replacement may be necessary. There are a number of warning signs that homeowners can look for to help gauge the condition of a roof and when roof repair is needed. If a homeowner notices any of the following warning signs, it is time to call a roof maintenance and repair company and arrange for repairs as soon as possible.

Water Stains - Inside or Outside

Water stains inside a home on the walls or ceiling are an obvious indication that the roof is leaking. When water stains are seen inside a home, this usually means the leak has been around for a while. Getting a roof maintenance and repair company out quickly to make the required repairs is a priority to prevent more damage to the roof structure and home interior.

Water stains on the walls outside the house, or in places where the roof meets sections of wall, also indicates an existing problem. Damaged or missing step flashing, flashing around dormers and other protrusions from the roof, and gutter problems are usually the cause of water damage on the exterior walls and housing surfaces.

Cracking, Breaking, and Missing Shingles

When shingles begin to age and dry out, shingles will start to show obvious signs of damage. Shingles that show signs of cracking, breakage, or starting to loosen are damaged and should be replaced. When these conditions affect a large number of shingles over the surface of the roof, this is a prime indication that the shingles have reached the end of their service life and it is time for roof maintenance or replacement. Similarly, a missing shingle or two may be an isolated incident and can be easily repaired. When more shingles begin falling or tearing off, this means the roof is in poor condition and should be replaced.

Curling or Cupping Shingles

Shingles should lay tight and flat against a roof, without any spaces beneath them. Shingles that curl up at the edges, buckle in the middle, or become blistered indicate there is a serious problem with roof and attic ventilation, causing heat buildup under the roof. When these symptoms appear, it is time for a new roof; however, before this is done, the ventilation issue should be remedied.

Gravel in the Gutters

Gutters full of fine gravel washing into the downspouts indicates that shingles are losing their protective covering. A few granules in the gutters can be normal; if there are noticeable amounts of gravel washing off and the shingles start looking bare, it is time to replace the roof. The gravel both protects the surface of the roof from weather damage and also provides a reflective, thermal-protective coating that reduces the amount of heat passing through the roof into the house.

Leaks Due To Melting Ice or Snow

Ice damming is a serious problem, evident by leaks that only occur when snow or ice on the roof begins to melt. Ice damming is caused by water getting under shingles that are not properly affixed and freezing, further lifting shingles off the roof surface. Once the ice lifts shingles up, the roof leaks when it melts. There are numerous causes for ice damming, so the main problem must be remedied.  The roof can then be repaired by roofing maintenance experts so it is waterproof again.

The above roofing symptoms are the most common indicators that a roofing problem exists, and it is time to think about roof repair or replacement. When noticing any of these warning signs, homeowners should immediately call a roof maintenance and repair company and arrange to have the necessary repairs made!

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