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Homeowners looking for an attractive, yet natural option for their roofs may want to look into cedar. Cedar shingles, when carefully installed by professional residential roof services, look beautiful, and last a long time. Wood roofs look timeless and classic on many types of architecture, and cedar offers many benefits. Although there may be a few minor disadvantages to installing cedar shingles, most homeowners find that they are well worth the effort for the quality of roof the create.

Attractive Choice in Shingles or Shakes

Available as shingles or shakes, cedar is a popular choice among homeowners looking for a more natural looking roof that is long lasting and functional. Of all the wood roofs installed today, shingles made of cedar are the most popular due to their beauty, and the many benefits they offer. Starting out a deep reddish brown, cedar slowly ages to attractive silver gray over many years, providing great character and home curb appeal. Cedar shingles are available in many shapes and sizes that compliment different architectural styles, too.

Durable and Long Lasting

Cedar is naturally a very durable wood, making it a preferable choice for fencing, construction, and roofing material. It withstands the weather better and longer, meaning cedar shakes and shingles typically far outlast most asphalt shingle roofs. They are more resistant to heavy winds, hail and extreme weather as well, making them a preferred choice for many homeowners looking to get the most from their roofs. Cedar roofs do require some maintenance, however, and should be kept free of moss and mildew to prevent shingle damage. Cedar roofs may also benefit from a coat of wood protectant every few years, which will slow the growth of moss and mildew, and help the wood remain in good condition for many years.

Environmentally Friendly Roofing Option

Wood roofs are very environmentally friendly in that they are made from all natural materials, and they can be easily recycled. Cedar shingles and shakes are also more energy efficient than asphalt shingles, as they are naturally more insulative, resulting in lower heating bills in cooler climates. For the environmentally conscious, cedar shingles installed by residential roof services are a favorable roofing choice.

Cost and Fire Safety the Main Disadvantages

There are many advantages to choosing a cedar shingle or shake roof, but homeowners must also consider the main disadvantages of higher cost and lack of fire resistance. Cedar shingles or shakes cost considerably more than asphalt shingles, although they do last considerably longer. Over the life of the roof, cedar can be a more efficient choice due to longer life expectancy.  

Cedar roofs, like any other wood roofs, are not fire resistant, which could be considered a safety hazard by some insurance companies. Insurance premiums on homes with wood roofs are typically a little higher than those on homes with asphalt shingles since asphalt is somewhat more fire resistant. Homeowners may want to talk to their insurance companies before installing a cedar roof.

A cedar shingle or shake roof installed by residential roof services could be a great choice for homeowners that find real wood roofs appealing. Cedar offers a number of advantages over asphalt and looks especially attractive on many architecture styles. It is important that homeowners consider the few disadvantages to cedar roofs, though, to be sure they make the right roofing choice.

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