Although it’s easy to forget about sitting way up on the top of your house, your asphalt shingle roof will not last forever.

You can actually prolong its serviceable life If you do pay attention to it and recognize when you might be in need of roofing repair.

Repairs when required and regular maintenance by an experienced roofing company will make sure that your roof lasts as long as it should.

Look for signs like these and if you see them, plan for repairs right away.

Shingle Gravel Falling Off

The gravel coating on asphalt shingle roofs is there to protect the shingles and make them durable against the elements.

Without it, you could end up with leaks, decking rot, and other damage as the shingles get worn down.

If you notice bare spots on your shingles where the gravel is coming off or see lots of gravel collecting in your gutters, this is a prime sign you should start thinking about roofing repair or more likely a new roof being installed.

In either case, when ignored you will eventually start finding other damage since the shingles can no longer protect the top of your house.

Shingles Curling Up, Down, or Buckling

To work properly and keep your roof watertight, asphalt shingles must lay flat and tight over each other. The moment you start to see that change, understand that something is wrong and alert your roofing company

.Shingles that either curl upward at the edge or bow with the edges curling under are damaged and cannot protect your roof.

Buckling is when there is a waviness to the shingle from it lifting underneath even if the corners are still straight and flat.

In all cases, this lack of smooth uniformity makes your roof more susceptible to wind and hail damage.

Broken or Chipped Shingles

Another sign that you should start thinking about making repairs to your roof is widespread chipping or many broken shingles.

A chipped or broken shingle here or there possibly caused by something hitting your roof is not usually a huge issue and can usually be replaced pretty easily.

When you do start to notice many broken or chipped shingles chipping and breaking, this is a sign that your shingles are dry and brittle; you need roofing repair.

To protect your home, shingles need to be somewhat flexible and pliable.

Once they start drying out, the possibility of leaks and other damage increases exponentially.


It should go without saying that leaking or evidence that you have a leak is a very obvious sign that it is time to call your roofing company.

No matter what the cause, water getting into your house through the roof should be corrected immediately.

Failing to do so leaves you at risk of more serious damage.

So Does Your Roof Need Repair?

An asphalt roof lasts a long time when it is well cared for. To ensure your roof stays in top condition, don’t just ignore it because you cannot easily see what is going on up there.

Look for these telltale signs that you need roofing repairs and take care of them right away.

Better yet, regular maintenance and inspections by a roofing company will help you stay on top of these and other concerns before they turn into serious problems!

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