Skylights make attractive and functional additions to residential roofs of all kinds.

Beyond giving you more light in your home, skylights installed by a professional roof company can provide you with some other great benefits that you may not know about.

If the time is near for a new roof installation, consider adding some skylights to your house for some amazing advantages!

Brighten Up the Darker Areas of Your Home

The most obvious reason for adding skylights to residential roofs is to illuminate darker spaces within the house.

Whether it’s a smaller room with no windows, a side of the house that just doesn’t get enough light, or a larger space like a kitchen that could use extra lighting, a skylight can make a huge difference.

A few skylights installed by a roof company can turn a dull, dreary area into a warm, well-lit space that can be put to great use.

Let There Be (Natural) Light!

Beyond illuminating darker rooms, skylights let in vital natural sunlight.

Sunlight transmits vitamin D into the body and has been shown to reduce depression, improve symptoms of SAD or seasonal affective disorder in the winter, and promote a calmer, happier demeanor.

The natural light let in by skylights in a roof installation can fill a space with mood-stabilizing natural light, allowing those affected by it to feel calmer and more comfortable in otherwise darker, more uncomfortable spaces.

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Better Ventilation

While many skylights for residential roofs are fixed, others can be somewhat opened; the ones that do open are great for providing important ventilation to your home.

You can easily pop open one end to let out rising hot air to keep your home cooler in the summer and reduce cooling bills.

Ventilating skylights installed by an experienced roof company are useful for reducing moisture in a home, especially in bathrooms.

They aid the flow of cool, clean air through your home to improve indoor air quality.

Gain Some Warmth on Colder Days

Some skylights in your roof installation can even be used to provide a bit of extra warmth on cooler days.

Those designed with a higher solar heat gain coefficient or SHGC will permit more warming rays through the skylight and can somewhat warm your rooms.

If your skylights generate too much unwanted warmth in the summertime, just install a thermal shade that filters out UV rays while still letting in the beneficial light.

A Final Look At Adding Skylights

Although they can be installed at any time, the perfect time to add skylights to your home is when you’re having repairs or a new roof installation.

Regardless of when they are added to residential roofs, skylights look great from outside and help to make your home more comfortable.

Contact a roof company experienced with skylight installation today and reap the many benefits that functional skylights will give you!

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