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Metal roofs are a popular choice for many homes today. A standing seam metal roofing installation provides a long-lasting roof offering homeowners many advantages over other roofing types. These roofs are attractive and efficient, helping homeowners save money in a number of ways. When properly installed by an experienced residential roofer, a standing seam metal roof could be the last roof a homeowner buys for their house.

Energy Efficient and Environmentally Sound

In comparison to other roofing types, metal roofs are more energy efficient due to their improved thermal resistance. Metal reflects higher amounts of heat waves than other roofs, making it a cooler, and more energy-efficient choice. Homeowners with metal roofs installed by a skilled residential roofer usually find their homes are easier to keep cool in the summer, resulting in lower utility bills. Metal roofing is also environmentally sound in that it can be recycled, and does not add to the amount of waste filling up the landfills.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Standing seam metal roofs are extremely durable, requiring very little in the way of roofing maintenance. Although it is essential that a qualified installer performs a standing seam metal roofing installation, the results are a roof that needs little more than good monitoring, and an occasional coating of rust inhibitor. Standing seam metal roofs shed water, snow and ice better than most other materials, reducing the damage that can occur from prolonged exposure to the elements.  

More Cost-Effective Than Other Roofing Types

Metal roofs like a standing seam roof can be a bit pricey initially, but over time they become a very cost-effective roofing option. When correctly installed by an experienced residential roofer, standing seam roofs will last sometimes as long as a century. That is four to five times longer than most shingle roofs for the cost of a single roofing installation.

Attractive For Many Homes

Metal roofs are made in a variety of styles. A standing seam metal roof looks more traditional on a home, while possessing the important property of leak resistance due to the way the seams are constructed. The seams also create a visually attractive appearance, on top of the fact that standing seam metal roofs are available in multiple colors, or can be color coated as desired.

Standing seam roofs are can be installed using a variety of metals including aluminum, galvanized steel and even copper, which weathers to a beautiful greenish blue patina over time. A fancier option than a commercial type metal roof, standing seam adds a touch of class to any home, while offering the other many benefits that come with this roofing choice.

So when the time comes for a new roof, one option that homeowners can consider is a standing seam metal roofing installation. Not only is this style of metal roof efficient and tough, but it will outlive most other roofs with little maintenance. The main importance with standing seam roofs, however, is that they are installed by an experienced residential roofer that understands the required installation process, and can provide the best installation. With a professional roofing installation done by the right roofer, homeowners choosing standing seam metal will have an attractive roof that will last for decades!

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