Putting on new roofs is no easy task. It requires a lot of know-how and following precise techniques.

To get a roof installation that lasts, it’s essential that yours be done using techniques that will prevent premature damage and allow the materials to last as long as possible.

Your best option is always to work with a reliable roof company skilled in performing this work and knows about the best practices that will ensure your structure lasts as long if not longer than the age expectancy of the shingles.

Total Tear-Off and Roof Protection

A perfect roof installation always begins with a complete tear off of the old materials.

Taking the roof all the way down to the decking allows you to inspect the decking and framework, which reduces the chance of older materials failing underneath a new expensive layer of shingles.

Once the tear-off is completed, roofs must be protected from rain and weather while the rest of the work is being completed.

Proper Deck Preparation and Protection

With the deck now exposed, the next step that every experienced roof company will take is to inspect it for soundness and make any necessary repairs.

Once the deck is repaired and in the good condition, it must be protected with the appropriate water-resistant underlayment to keep moisture from leaking under the shingles and saturating the decking.

Drip Strips and Starter Shingles

Before the regular shingles go on, all roofs require a first row of starter shingles designed for a more secure attachment to prevent the wind from getting under the edge of the roof.

Additionally, metal drip strips installed along the edge of the starter shingles will prevent moisture from dripping or blowing underneath the shingles and causing damage to the underlayment and decking.

Proper Shingle Application and Nailing Techniques

Not every shingle can be applied the same way. Getting the best roof installation understanding the specific nailing pattern required to apply the shingles, the type of adhesive to use with them, and how it should be applied.

Improper shingle installation is one of the main mistakes made that results in premature damage of the roof. It can also void the manufacturer’s warranty on the shingles.

Correct Installation of Ridge Vents and Caps

Ridge vents that permit the ventilation of upward-moving hot air through the shingles are an essential component in every roofing installation.

Without these vents, attic spaces may get too hot and severe damage to the shingles can result. A roof company must also protect the ridge vents with correctly installed ridge caps that prevent water from dripping into the ridge vents.

Correct Installation of Flashing

Flashing in the roof corners and valleys as well as around any protrusions is another component required for best protection of the roof.

Unless installed correctly so flashing seals exposed edges without leaking, extensive moisture damage to the shingles and decking can occur over time. Bad flashing is the most common location where leaks are found.

To Conclude

Installing shingle roofs seems easy enough if you follow the right procedures.

Still, the chance of making mistakes that could affect the longevity of your roof installation is high.

Rather than leaving things to chance and inexperience, the better choice is to hire a roof company that can get the job done quickly and correctly. You’ll be guaranteed great work and your house will be protected for decades!

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