Keeping your roof in great condition involves providing regular maintenance and arranging for roof repair whenever it becomes necessary.

Yet sometimes a problem can creep up without you even realizing it.

To prevent extensive damage to a roof and ensure good maintenance takes place, roof services recommend keeping a close eye on the three areas most likely to develop problems: gutters, penetrations through shingles, and roof valleys.

Gutters - The Most Problem-Prone Roofing Component

As simple as they are, gutters are one of the most problematic and commonly ignored components on many residential roofs.

It’s easy to forget they are there and that they need to be cleaned regularly so they perform correctly. It’s also a messy job you probably don’t want to have to deal with.

Unfortunately, gutters that are allowed to become clogged, preventing the flow of water into the downspout and away from the house, can cause extensive damage to the entire roofing system.

Water that collects in the gutters can saturate shingles, underlayment, and decking, eventually resulting in rot and other damage and requiring costly roof repair.

Clean your gutters out every spring and fall to prevent these and other problems from happening.

Poorly Maintained Penetrations Invite Leaks

The second most leak-prone area on residential roofs is around penetrations. Penetrations are anything that passes through the roof of your house such as vent pipes and fans, chimneys, skylights, etc.

Although roof services normally finish these penetrations with some type of sealant and by installing special flashing, they are prime locations for leak development that require roof repair as time goes by.

Sealants age and crack and flashing can loosen or fall off as the installation ages, exposing these spaces to moisture every time it rains or snows.

Many installations experience rot and erosion around penetrations that if undetected, can turn into serious problems after some time.

Roof Valleys Are Hard to Keep Dry

The last area where leaks are commonly seen is within the roof valleys. Valleys are areas where two structural angles meet to form a ‘V,' which is a low point between the two surface planes.

Valleys tend to collect water as it rolls down the shingles, making these places especially susceptible to developing leaks if not sealed properly.

To prevent leaks in valleys, roof services must carefully install underlayment and shingles to prevent water from getting beneath, which can start the whole rotting process.

Like penetrations, valleys must be carefully monitored to ensure that the shingles and extra sealants used do not become damaged or loosen, allowing moisture to seep underneath.

Moving On

While it is always important to hire roof services to provide regular maintenance to the roof top, it’s equally important that you pay attention to these three critical areas between inspections.

Whether you notice water dripping over the side of the gutters, a piece of flashing missing from around a penetration, or shingles lifting in a valley, they are all signs that you need roof repair right away.

The sooner residential roofs get the attention they need when a problem arises, the easier and less costly the repairs will be!

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