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From the outside of any house, roofs look like simple structures protecting the top of the building. Underneath the exterior layers of roofing material lies the roofing frame, the most important part of the roof. The frame of the roof is a structure made of many components that are built onto the top of a house by a skilled roof company, designed to create the strongest, most durable roof according to the home’s architecture and the roof type. Considering this, every residential roofer knows to inspect the roof frame to look for structural problems, and how essential a strong frame is to the whole roofing project.

The Most Important Part of Any Roof

The framework of a roof is its most important part since it is the frame that actually creates the roof structure. Roof framework serves two main purposes: it securely supports the roofing material and it secures the roof to the house. Without a carefully designed frame that is expertly constructed by a roof company, no roofs would actually stand up, let alone survive harsh weather to protect a home. Simply stated, the framework is the skeleton, and essential support structure of any roof regardless of its type or style.

The Many Components of Roof Frames

Roof framework is constructed from many different components that come together to create a strong enough structure to support exterior roofing material and keep it secured to a house. All roofs start out with trusses, which are the main supporting components along a roof. Trusses are made of joists and rafters that are carefully designed and affixed according to a roof’s pitch and load capacity. Different roof types use differently shaped and sized trusses. The rafters make up the top support that roof decking is laid over, and provide the bottom connection to the actual house wall. At the very top of the roof, rafters are connected using a ridge board, which provides strength to the entire roof.

Once this inner frame structure is constructed on top of the house by a residential roofer, the exterior part of the roof is then installed. Decking material is laid over the outside of the rafters, providing a flat and secure surface onto which shingles or other roofing material are installed. After underlayment and shingles are applied, the entire framework is protected from the elements, allowing it to remain the essential backbone of the roof as long as it is kept dry and tightly affixed.

The Importance of Regular Roof and Frame Inspections

The frame of a roof provides total support and strength to the entire roofing structure. As a result, problems with the frame could have disastrous results, and affect the entire structure. This is why regular roof inspections performed by a roof company are so essential. Leaks, humidity problems and physical damage to the roof frame may start out as minor, but if not remedied these conditions could lead to a slow destruction of roof rafters, and a loss of integrity of the whole roof structure.

In learning about how a roof is framed, and the importance of this vital structure, homeowners can learn how roofs function to protect their homes. Protecting the roof requires protecting the frame, since the frame is the backbone of the entire roof structure. Routine inspections by a roof company include inspection of the framework are essential to avoid problems that could become catastrophic after a while. To learn more about roof frames and how to protect them, contact a reputable residential roofer today.

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